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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/m-glads-electric-vehicle-charging-solution-in-india/M Glads is a complete electric vehicle charging solutions provider in India: Founded by Gaurav Mandora, the company with End to End charging services for private & public sectors as per the Indian government MOP guidelines across India.

The company currently provides services in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Kerala, Telangana, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh. 

The Company offers an Entrepreneurial Business Model to participate in the EV revolution to make clean INDIA, by starting their own charging stations with a 100% investment guarantee.

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M GLADS provide all type of electric vehicle charging station solution for home, cities, and highways. The company provides complete End to end electric mobility charging solutions.

Also, provides Electric Vehicle Charging solutions as per Bharat Charging Standard Bharat AC Charger(Bharat AC01) & Bharat DC Charger(Bharat DC01) as per Indian Government approved standards. We have DC Fast Charger with CCS, CHAdeMo & GB/T Standard.


  • 3.3KW Bharat AC001  
  • 7.4kw type II AC  
  • 20kw GB/T  
  • 30KW CCS (Single/Dual Gun)  
  • 60KW CCS (Single/Dual Gun)  

Advantage Of Chargers 

  • Superior Quality  
  • Easy to Connect  
  • Online Support  
  • Quick Installation  
  • Customized Chargers 

Unique features of EV CHARGERS 

  • Integrated EV Charging Station Solution  
  • Charging Station Installation  
  • Public Charger APP for EV User

Benefit for the Customers

  • Start your Own at Anywhere in India  
  • 18 Months Contract 
  • 18 Months Free AMC with Charging Station 

➢ Yearly Maintenance Package  

Depends On Technical Issues 

  • 100% Digital Payment  
  • Usage of Application facilities without any interruption.  ▪ Free Promotion on every social media platform.  ▪ 0% Service Cost for us on Income.  
  • No Hidden Chargers.  
  • Upgradation & Buyback available (Till 60KW)  ▪ Loan Facilities & Assistance in Future  
  • Arrange Support Staff for the Client (if necessary)   

  Details About EVCS Setup 

  • Space Require – 150 to 200 sq ft (For 1 Car Parking)  

Example – If 5 Charging Point So 750 to 1000 sq ft Area Require Power Require – Same as Machine Power (+15% for power fluctuation)  o Ex ample – 

  1. 30KW 
  2. 60KW 

Total – 90KW 

So (90KW + 15%) = 105KW Power is Require 

  • Time Calculation = Car Battery / Charger Power  

o EX – 60KW Battery 

Charger –30 KW So (60/30 = 2 Hour) 

Charger – 60KW So (60/60 = 1 Hour)  

Same Calculation for Every Car & Charger 

  • No Need of Manpower  
  • Chargers Are Working Full Automatically On Application  No Need of Any Government Permission or License

Installation Process

M Glads provide all types of AC & DC Electric Vehicle Charging Station for private & public charging use. Their Charging station complies with Bharat Standard, CCS, CHAdeMo & GB/T Standards.

  • Enquire for establishing Private/ Public EV Charging Station
  • Choosing Business Model: M Glad team will assist you to choose the charger based on the requirement
  • Investment: Starts from 1 lac to unlimited, to depends as per the Requirement 
  • EV Charger: Book your charger. The charger will be dispatched to your location.
  • Site Survey: Minimum required area – 300 Sqft

        Site Inspections for Electric Charging Installations include:

  • Civil Infrastructure: Team will assist you in developing/finding proper infrastructure for the charging station.
  • Power Infrastructure: team will assist you to get the required power permission from the respective DISCO
  • Installation & Commissioning: Ordered Charger will be I&C by our professional team with electrical protection devices.
  • Operation: Charger will be operated fully automatic with M Glad’s dedicated CMS, mobile App Technology.
  •  No Manpower required because of Application and CMS
  • Maintenance: the company will take care of AMC, customer support and ensure uninterrupted charger operation.


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