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Lectrix LXS G

Lectrix, part of the SAR Group’s electric mobility revolution, introduced the LXS G3.0 and LXS G2.0 scooters a few months ago. Designed for those who crave boundless exploration, these scooters redefine long-distance rides, offering an escape for those who want to go the extra mile. Their impressive claimed range makes them stand out, promising a ride that goes beyond the ordinary and invites riders to embrace the thrilling future of electric mobility with Lectrix LXG. Lectrix LXS G is a high-speed scooter, ideal for easily cruising through long routes.

Now, Let’s go through the key specifications of Lectrix LXS G scooters:


Lectrix LXS G comes in two variants LXS G3.0 and LXS G2.0. Both the e-scooters boast a sleek and futuristic design, adorned with LED headlamps, tail lamps, and indicators. They come equipped with a modern digital instrument cluster featuring Bluetooth connectivity, ensuring riders stay connected on the go. Practical upgrades, such as a USB charger, a remote seat opener, and a keyless start, turn these scooters into the ultimate blend of style and functionality for riders who want an easy and convenient experience. 

Both vehicles come with a whopping 36 safety features, 24 smart features, and 14 comfort features. It’s like they’ve got everything covered for a ride that’s not just stylish but also super safe, smart, and comfortable. 



Revel in the joy of city rides without sacrificing distance! Activate the smart Eco mode in the LXS G3.0 for an experience that seamlessly balances performance with an impressive 115 km range. The LXS G3.0 offers two modes, Eco and Power, where Eco mode delivers a true range of 115 km per charge, while the Power mode offers 80 km per charge. LXS G2.0 offers range of upto 98 km/ h. 


Lectrix LXS G3.0 and LXS G2.0 come in six attractive and eye-catching colors to suit every rider’s style. The color options include:

  • Sporty Red

  • Magic Blue

  • Sparkle Black

  • Ash Grey

  • Matt Military Green

  • Pearl White

These diverse color options cater to individual preferences, allowing customers to choose colors that complement their personality and style.


While the pricing for LXS G3.0 has not been revealed yet but we expect the scooter to be priced approximately above one lakh. The price of LXS G2.0 is Rs. 99,999 [Ex-Showroom Price including charger & FAMEII subsidy]. The booking amount for LXS G  is only Rs 499. 


As stated above LXS G comes in two variants. So here are the key specifications of both variants:

Specifications LXS G2.0LXS G3.0
Range98 km115 km
Battery Capacity2.3 Kw3 Kw
10.2 s [0-40 km/h]
9s [0-40 km/h]
Top Speed 
55 km/h
60 km/h
Charging Time
3 hours
4 hours 



To enjoy and enhance the riding journey, feel, and experience, both scooters offer a wide range of features like Geo-fencing, navigation assistance with maps, mobile app connectivity, auto-indicators, live location that will keep you connected anytime, anywhere, reverse mode, fast and easy charging, a robust chassis tested for over 2.6 lakh km, over-the-air updates, find-my-vehicle, emergency SOS buttons, smart ignition, vehicle diagnostics, ride statistics, remote seat operating via mobile app etc. 

Safety features include anti-theft, helmet warning, side stand safety, auto cut-off in case of overheating, and speed lock for children to ensure speed limit for young riders. LXS G3.0 has an assured warranty of 3 years, or 30,000 km, enabling a carefree ride for every consumer. 


In the dynamic landscape of electric scooters, Lectrix outshines with the LXS G series, including the LXS G2.0 and LXS G3.0 variants. A standout feature of both models is their remarkable range, making them ideal companions for those passionate about long-distance rides. If you’re on the lookout for a scooter that effortlessly covers the miles, the LXS G series emerges as one of the top contender, embodying Lectrix’s dedication to providing high-range options for riders seeking enduring journeys. 


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