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Lectrix ECity Zip

In the rapidly expanding segment of pollution-free electric scooters in India, Lectrix has emerged as a noteworthy startup in the electric two-wheeler manufacturing sector. The company has recently introduced the ECity Zip, a modern electric scooter, to the Indian market. The ECity Zip is designed to be a versatile solution, targeting daily commuters and specifically catering to those seeking a reliable electric scooter for both personal and commercial purposes in their everyday lives. Ecity Zip is an electric scooter that is perfect for every use. It is a Mid speed scooter with a 45km/h top speed and a 75 km range.

Let’s delve into the key specifications of ECity Zip:


The ECity Zip boasts proven durability and takes a futuristic approach to a classic aesthetic. Its clean and minimalistic design doesn’t just prioritize style – it also brings in a touch of toughness. With a rugged appearance and a robust build, this electric scooter features 165mm of ground clearance and can handle a substantial payload of 155-170kg [excluding rider] This combination of style and strength makes the ECity Zip a reliable and enduring choice for riders seeking a modern electric scooter that can withstand the challenges of daily use.

The Lectrix ECity Zip electric scooter comes equipped with a comprehensive full LED lighting setup, an advanced multi-function digital display system, various riding modes for different preferences, a comfortable riding position, a Combi Braking System (CBS), and additional updated features for an elevated riding journey. It has two riding modes i.e. Eco and Power. 


Top speed Mode 1 : Eco: 35

Mode 2: Power:  45

Range Mode 1 : Eco: 75

Mode 2: Power: 50 


0-25km/h [in 5 secs] 

Fast Charger

48V – 15A/7.5A

Loading Capacity155 kg
Ground Clearance 165 mm
Running Cost


Battery Capacity2 kWh
Charging Time4-5 HR 
 Max Torque10 [N-M]



Lectrix Ecity Zip comes in five eye- catchy and attractive colors. The color options include :

  • Electric Red
  • Moody Orange
  • Neon Green
  • Zing Black
  • Zen White 

An array of vibrant color selections caters to personal tastes, empowering customers to pick shades that resonate with their flair and individual style. 


The Lectrix E City Zip is competitively priced at approximately Rs.1,15,000/– Additionally, Lectrix offers convenient loan options for their electric vehicles, ensuring accessibility for a broader range of riders. 


The Lectrix ECity Zip stands out as a versatile modern electric scooter, and to complement its multipurpose design, Lectrix offers an array of advanced features. These include an advanced multifunction digital display system, a comprehensive all-LED lighting setup, a choice of disc or drum brake configuration, a Combi Braking System (CBS], Mobile app connectivity, and various other updated functions. The new electric scooter also ensures a comfortable riding position, powered by heavy-duty BLDC hub motors, an optimal battery pack setup, and ample storage space within the compartment.


In summary, the Lectrix ECity Zip offers an appealing design and practical features. With its noteworthy loading capacity, it becomes a suitable option for daily commuting, especially for those in need of an electric scooter for personal or commercial use. If you’re on the lookout for a scooter, particularly one with ample storage, the ECity is worth considering. 



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