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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/l-charge-helps-californias-power-supply-crisis-for-ev-charging/L-Charge, the off-grid EV charge point manufacturer and solutions provider, has teamed up with USA Truck Bodies. They will offer an advanced charging solution to Californians and help ease the pressure on the state’s power grid.

L-Charge, a UK-based developer of ultra-fast, grid-independent EV charging solutions, have announced the development of their first US mobile EV charger. USA Truck Bodies, the US leader in 100% aluminum saw body manufacturing, will produce and retrofit the highly customized cabin to house the mobile charger. L-Charge has tasked USA Truck Bodies with sourcing the ECO composite body panels that will be made from environmentally friendly material.

L-Charge’s mobile charging truck incorporates a mini-power station onboard that uses clean fuels to produce electricity. Additionally, these mobile charging trucks can be summoned by users to a convenient location via an app, similar to how they would order a taxi. The L-Charge mobile charging truck provides super-fast charging (from 0% to 80%) in 15-25 minutes. 

The Californian government is striving to reduce the state’s carbon footprint. The climate and energy package, signed by President Biden in August, substantially extends the availability of tax credits on the purchase of electric vehicles. The number of EVs is surging. Intending to rely entirely on renewable energy by 2045, California has decommissioned many of its power plants in the past few years, leaving the state increasingly dependent on solar energy.

Unfortunately, climate-related disasters such as heat waves, storms, and wildfires make power grids in California, and other states like Texas, vulnerable to power cuts. Just a couple of weeks ago, California’s Independent System Operator, which manages most of the state’s grid, issued a “Level 3” emergency alert.  

“We want American EV users to feel confident that even at the moment when charging from the power grid is more difficult, they have an alternative. California is an ideal place to start offering our mobile charging service. On top of this, we are planning to expand our presence in other areas of the US soon, as these problems are being experienced in almost every state across the country,” said the VP of Sales and Operations at L-Charge, Justin Tarr.


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