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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/mobile-ev-charger-on-clean-fuels-for-london-debuts/Mobile off-grid EV-chargers by a UK-based L-Charge company intended for operation in London were presented at FullCharged Show. London is going to be the first city to experience the service of mobile EV chargers on demand.

A commercial launch in London is planned to kick off in the coming months. 

L-Charge’s infrastructure is mini power stations capable of generating and storing energy and charging electric cars with no need for a grid connection. L-Charge’s fixed and mobile off-grid chargers offer super-fast, reliable, and environmentally friendly solutions powered by clean fuels – hydrogen and LNG.

Last year L-Charge began the pilot operation of the world’s fastest mobile charging station in Europe by introducing the “Green Route” – charging EVs for free on a journey through Germany, France, Spain, and the Netherlands. The company has announced plans to launch the operation of its first commercial network in the coming months. 

The L-Charge will highlight how its unique charging solutions, including the fixed and mobile charging stations operated by hydrogen or gas-fueled electrical generator, offer companies from key sectors, mainly EV manufacturers and fleet operators, unique advantages such as environmentally- friendly, more reliable, and cost-effective and easy to set up chargers, with the ability to add 100 kilometers for EV within 10 minutes charging. 

Justin Tarr, VP of Sales, and Operations of L-Charge said: “To set up a new charging point in the city takes from 6 to 24 months (depending on the country). Also, it raises pressure on the power grid of the city dramatically – building new power stations for the city takes a required time and heavy investments. For some cities, it is also almost impossible to find enough space for charging stations in the city center”. 

What makes us different is that we don’t need a power grid connection, our chargers work like mini power stations themselves. What also matters is the speed of charging. Generally, it takes from 1.5 to 8 hours to charge an EV, but with our solution, it is possible to charge an electric car in just 10 minutes.”

L-Charge offers its charging stations in two versions: the fixed and mobile. The fixed station can be installed in any location – by highways and traditional petrol stations, in car parks, etc. The mobile version consists of a truck that can travel around the city, charging electrical vehicles upon demand. 

“As one of the leading innovative EV charging infrastructure manufacturers, we are keen to support the UK and region’s drive to transform their existing business models of vehicle fleets into electricity-operated ones. L-Charge’s outstanding solutions, including the mobile off-grid supercharger, can be deployed everywhere and at any time, offering businesses and motorists a hassle-free service to pursue their journeys,” added Justin Tarr.


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