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Komaki SE Electric Scooter

Komaki SE is a high-speed two-wheeler electric scooter launched by KLB Komaki pvt ltd. It is considered one of the most comfortable scooters in the Indian market. Although it travels at a high speed, this scooter’s mechanism ensures that the rider’s comfort is not compromised. This scooter also became popular due to the versatility it offers in its variants, designed to meet the needs and preferences of riders.

Looks and Designs


Komaki SE electric scooter has a digital dashboard with a TFT screen, which is thought to be beneficial in eye strain reduction, during long rides. Additionally, its dashboard has features like a calling system and a navigation system to help the driver during long journeys and unfamiliar locations.

The special thing about this electric scooter is the front of this scooter has a little sports bike-type look which differentiates it from other electric scooters in the market. Furthermore, its seats have been designed in such a way that it gives you crushy support which makes each ride incredibly enjoyable and comfortable.


Additionally, it includes a 20 L boot space, allowing riders to carry enough luggage in the electric scooter. Besides that, it boasts LED lights in the headlights and DRL. Moreover, a USB port is included so that the user can charge their phone while driving.


Komaki SE electric scooter is available in 4 color options, including: –

  1. Garnet Red
  2. Jet black
  3. Pure Gold
  4. Royal blue



There are three different variants of this electric scooter, each with a different battery power, range, top speed, and price. The names of those 3 variants are:

  • Komaki SE eco
  • Komaki SE sport
  • Komaki SE sport (Performance upgrade)


the prices of the three variants of the Komaki SE electric scooter are:

  • Komaki SE eco – 96 k ex-showroom
  • Komaki SE sport – 1.29 lakhs ex-showroom
  • Komaki SE sport (performance upgrade) – 1.38 lakh ex-showroom


Komaki SE ecoKomaki SE sportKomaki SE sport (performance upgrade)
Range75-90 km/charge110-140 km/charge150-180 km/charge
Top speed55-60 km/h75-80 km/h75-80 km/h
Battery62V 35 AH74V 44 AH74V 50 AH
Motor Power3000 W3000 W3000 W
BrakesDual discDual discDual disc


The 3000w BLDC hub motor that powers this electric scooter is considered as an appropriate choice for high-speed electric scooters. In addition to that, its motor has also a 50-amp controller integrated with it which helps to regulate the speed of the motor.

Its LiFePo4 battery’s smart BMS feature is what makes this electric scooter unique. Besides that, it has 3-speed modes which usually function as gears in non-electric vehicles.


In terms of suspensions, its rear has a hydraulic suspension, and the front has a telescopic fork. Additionally, it has dual disc brakes on both sides’ wheels.


This electric scooter has several exceptional features like parking assistance, cruise control, and keyless entry and control.


  • Keyless entry and keyless control systems are used to remotely lock, unlock and start your vehicle using Radio Frequency signals.
  • Cruise control is a device that can be activated to keep the scooter moving at a chosen constant speed without pressing the accelerator. This feature helps in minimizing driver fatigue while traveling a long distance.
  • The parking assistance system alerts the driver if it spots a suitable parallel or perpendicular parking space during parking.

Moreover, this electric scooter has Anti-skid technology built-in which ensures safety at the utmost level.

  • Anti-skid technology is a computerized technology that improves a vehicle’s stability by detecting and reducing loss of traction.


The pricing of the other two variants, except for the Komaki SE eco, is extremely high when we look at the features or specs they offer. We recommend that you should also look at other electric scooters in the market, as several choices offer better or equivalent features and specifications at substantially cheaper or equivalent prices.

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