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Komaki LY Electric Scooter 

Komaki LY is a two-wheeler electric scooter launched by Komaki to promote electric vehicles among working-class consumers. It also gained popularity as a result of the features offered in its two variants created to fulfill consumer needs and convenience. This article will provide you with a complete review of this electric scooter and let you know whether it is a suitable investment for you.

Looks and Designs

Komaki LY Electric Scooter has a slightly slim look, a stylish front, and a non-electric bike-like appearance. No matter what surface you are traveling on, this scooter’s design ensures a pleasant ride.

Moreover, it has a TFT screen, a type of LCD screen that is recommended for minimizing eye strain, on the digital dashboard. Other features on its dashboard, such as an onboard navigation system, calling system, and sound system, help people when making deliveries in unfamiliar locations.

In addition, it boasts LED headlights and winkers, which help nighttime visibility and gives it a classic style appearance.


It comes with three color variants, named:-

  1. Super metal gray
  2. Jet black
  3. Cherry red


Komaki LY electric scooter is available in two different variants depending on the number of batteries used, range, and price. Those two variants are:-

  • Komaki LY (single battery)
  • Komaki LY (dual battery)


The prices for Komaki LY’s two variants are:-

  • Komaki LY (single battery) – 96K ex-showroom
  • Komaki LY (dual battery) – 1.29 lakhs ex-showroom


Komaki LY (single battery) Komaki LY ( dual battery)
Range 80-85 km/charge 160-180 km/charge
Top speed 55-60 km/h 55-60 km/h
brakes Dual disc brakes Dual disc brakes
Battery 62v 34Ah 62v 34Ah
Motor 3000 W 3000 W


Komaki LY electric scooter has a 3000-watt hub motor, which boosts speed to an optimal rate while driving. Moreover, a 38 amp controller that is integrated inside the motor helps to regulate motor speed.

The battery in Komaki LY electric scooter is a LiFe Po4 type, which is regarded as a fast-charging battery that is also used in other electric vehicles. The special thing about its battery is that it is an app-based smart battery. It takes approximately 4 hours and 55 minutes to charge fully.

Furthermore, this electric scooter features a removable battery, which makes it more convenient. Moreover, it has dual disc brakes on both sides of the tires, as well as three-speed modes, which serve as gears in non-electric vehicles.


If you are a novice driver, this electric scooter’s amazing features like parking assistance, cruise control, keyless entry, and reverse assistance are quite beneficial.

  • Cruise control is a device that can be activated to keep the scooter moving at a chosen constant speed without pressing the accelerator. This feature helps in minimizing driver fatigue while traveling a long distance.
  • The parking assistance system alerts the driver if it spots a suitable parallel or perpendicular parking space during parking

Anti-skid technology is what differentiates this electric scooter from other scooters in the market.

  • Anti-skid technology is a computerized technology that improves a vehicle’s stability by detecting and reducing loss of traction.


The performance of this electric scooter appears to be exceptional after looking at the features and specifications. Although it is rather expensive, it offers a great range, so if you invest in it, this will be a good buy for you.

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