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Kinetic Green, hailing from Pune, launches its latest electric scooter in India, the Zulu, priced at Rs. 94,990. This marks the brand’s reentry into the two-wheeler arena with a fresh electric powertrain. Renowned for its partnership with Honda Motors, Kinetic Green emphasizes that the electric scooter will be produced in India and the company has offered a battery subscription for Rs. 69,999.

Let’s quickly go through the key details and features of this new electric scooter by Kinetic Green:


The Zulu scooter boasts a clean, sleek, and alluring design, presenting a harmonious blend of family-friendly and sporty aesthetics, appealing to a broad user base. Notably, the apron-mounted LED lamp and the DRL positioned atop the handlebar stalk contribute to its stylish and modern appearance, as evident in the images.


Battery Capacity2.27 kWh Lithium-ion
Range per Charge104 km
Electric Motor2.1 kW BLDC
Top Speed60 kmph
Charging Time (80% capacity)30 minutes (using 15 amp socket)
Payload Capacity150 kg
Ground Clearance160 mm



The Zulu Electric scooter will be available in six eye- catching colours. The colours are as follows:

  • Pixel White 
  • Insta Orange 
  • UTube Red
  • Black X
  • FB Blue 
  • Cloud Grey 


The Kinetic Green Zulu electric scooter is equipped with a range of features, including an LED headlamp, LED DRLs, a digital speedometer, an auto-cut charger, a side stand sensor, a boot light, and more.

The Kinetic Green Zulu is set to rival the Ola S1X+, Okinawa Praise Pro, and other competitors, with sales kicking off early in 2024. Kinetic Green has ambitious plans, aiming to sell approximately 40,000 Zulu electric scooters in the next 12 months and eyeing the sale of ten lakh electric vehicles within the next five years. Salujj Motwani, founder of Kinetic Green, announced plans to launch the e-Luna and other high-performance electric scooters in the coming year. 


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