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Kinetic Green held an event to debut the E-Luna electric scooter on February 7, 2024. According to the manufacturers, the E-Luna would be just as groundbreaking as the original Luna, which was introduced in India in 1972.

The CEO of Kinetic Green, Sulajja Firodia Motwani, stated that the E-Luna is not simply designed for Tier 1 markets, as other electric vehicles are; rather, because of its affordability, it would also target Tier 1 and 3 areas in India.

We will examine the Kinetic E-Luna’s disclosed features, cost, and other factors in this article.


In 1972, Luna was introduced in India by Kinetic Energy as a 50 CC moped. The production of it has been discontinued since 2000, however during the time it was available, because of its affordable price and streamlined design, it gained a lot of popularity.

At that time, the term “Chal meri Luna” gained a lot of popularity among Indians because of its powerful marketing. Because it was so simple to operate at the time—it didn’t require gears, was lightweight, and was reasonably priced—nearly every home in India was familiar with it.

Because of its affordability, it ended up being the best option for Indians when it came to transportation at that time.

However, the introduction of high-performance electric scooters and bikes into the market forced the company to eventually stop producing them, which is why 50 CC Lunas are now uncommon on India Roads.

Relaunch in Electric Version

The sister company of Kinetic, Kinetic Green, introduced the E-Luna, an electric variant of Luna, with several designs and other enhancements to make it competitive with other modern electric scooters.

Additionally, the makers have taken care to maintain the affordable concept of the Luna in the electric variant as well. Based on their experience with the few electric scooters already on the market, Kinetic Green has made the appropriate and effective modifications to the E-Luna electric scooter.

Design and Looks

The Kinetic Green E-Luna has an overall design similar to a traditional moped electric scooter, but it has a few distinctive features to set it apart from other electric scooters on the market.

The front of the Kinetic Green E-Luna is equipped with square-shaped LED lights, which enhances the electric scooter’s distinctiveness and compactness. Even with the small LED lightning, the high-focal headlight appears to have a significant effect at night. 


The Kinetic Green E-Luna is available in 5 different color options giving buyers several choices to customize their electric scooter. The names of those 5 color options are:

  • Mulberry Red
  • Ocean Blue
  • Pearl Yellow
  • Sparkling Green
  • Night Star Black


The Kinetic Green E-Luna is available in two different variants named as:

  • Kinetic Green E-Luna X1
  • Kinetic Green E-Luna X2


The starting prices of Kinetic Green E-Luna for both variants.

  • Kinetic Green E-Luna X1 – 69,990 Rupees (ex-showroom)
  • Kinetic Green E-Luna X2 – 74,990 Rupees (ex-showroom)

Note that these are only introductory prices of variants of Kinetic Green and not the final pricing, its final pricing will depend on a lot of other factors.

The company appears to have stuck to its original business goals with this pricing point, considering that the previous Luna was also well-known for ushering in a period of reasonably priced two-wheelers at the time.


Range110 km
Top speed50+ km/h
BatteryLithium-ion NMC
Battery capacity2 kWh
Front SuspensionsHydraulic Telescoping
Rear SuspensionsDual, Hydraulic damper with spring
Braking systemCBS
BrakesDrum rear and front

While the Kinetic Green E-Luna’s range of 110 km and a top speed of around 50 km/h does not qualify it as a high-performing electric two-wheeler, it does seem respectable considering its primary use and low cost.

The Kinetic Green E-Luna’s Naked chassis is a dual tubular chassis with a sports bike or scooter-style styling. The Kinetic Green E-Luna’s 16-inch large wheels provide 170mm of ground clearance.

Since the hub motor does not need to be removed, the Kinetic Green E-Luna’s chain transmission system, which is common on bikes, makes repairs considerably easier and more portable.

The E-Luna is an electric moped scooter intended for both urban and rural markets, with the aim of lowering the cost of transit between the two.

Thus, taking into account every facet of Kinetic Green E-Luna’s performance, it appears to be perfect for the following uses:

  • For personal mobility
  • For business activities
  • For your gig
  • For efficient delivery service

The Kinetic Green E-Luna can carry a substantial load thanks to its 150 kg payload capacity, and it takes 4 hours to fully charge this electric scooter.


The primary characteristic of the Kinetic Green E-Luna is its high degree of customization, allowing the user to add attachments to increase its effectiveness in a way that suits them.

The Kinetic Green E-Luna includes numerous additional safety equipment as well, such as a grab rail, safety lock, saree guard, side stand sensor, rugged steel chassis, and many more. The front leg guard, USB charging port, bag hook, and spacious carrying area are the features that increase the E-Luna’s efficacy.

Regarding its digital features, the Kinetic Green E-Luna boasts a good digital interface, a Smart-can-enabled communication matrix, and the ability to connect through the KG-connect app.

The fact that the Kinetic Green E-Luna’s batteries are interchangeable rather than fixed adds even more efficiency to e-mobility. Additionally, the E-Luna has a 5-year warranty to guarantee customers’ confidence.


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