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Greaves Aero Vision Electric Rickshaw

The Greaves Aero Vision electric rickshaw was unveiled at the Auto Expo 2023 in Delhi as one of the most prominent projects in the commercial vehicle market for the transport business.

With their vehicle, they plan to take the commercial transport business to the next level. A more comfortable, assured ride while riding with lots of privacy, air-conditioned journeys, and many more possibilities.



  • The first thing you will notice is that this vehicle is one of the best-looking Electric rickshaws designed in India.
  • The color texture on the interior is very hard, which is clearly visible.
  • The headlights and DRLs look amazing, giving this vehicle a next-level look.
  • Wide, square, curved windshield made from dark, strong fiberglass.
  • The wheels you see in this vehicle are not the normal size of any autorickshaw you see in the current market.


  • At the doors, you will notice the top tri-color marking showing that it is manufactured in India.
  • Doors are sealed, making it completely private and secure for transport and deliveries.
  • As you can see, this vehicle is currently showcased for goods transport, but the company may release a model for passenger carrying too.
  • On the back, there is an inscription that reads, “DESIGNED IN INDIA | MADE IN INDIA.”


Wheels and tires

Wheels and tires are shown in the demo version; Their final size and shape have not been revealed but the look will be the same and the quality and grip of the tires will be good.


The Greaves Aero Vision is the demo model, but the final product will look about 90% the same as the demo model. They plan to make their vehicle out of LEGO. So that whatever part of the vehicle you want to change or customize, you can easily do so.

According to our experts, the main idea of this LEGO model is to create a commercial vehicle that you can use for goods transport as well as passenger transport with some easy minor modifications that the users can do themselves.


At the rear, the Aero Vision gets simple double doors that are completely covered, giving no idea what’s inside or who’s inside.

You will notice a red border engraved on the vehicle, which is currently just a design but could be the stoplight of the final product.

On one door, you can see “Graves Electric Mobility” engraved in bold silver letters.



  • Futuristic looks like we used to see in Hollywood movies.
  • The front and rear get wide tires and standard auto rickshaw rims.
  • High-Powered Stylish Headlamp with Powerful DRL.
  • Closed, sealed, and assured safe transportation.
  • Although it’s only a demo version, Greaves promises that the released version will appear with the same features and security.


If you are really a fan of comfort and safe transportation, then this vehicle can prove to be useful for you. If you will be continuously connected with us, then you will also get information about the launch.

Owing to its hi-tech features, futuristic look, and oversized tires, this vehicle has a huge scope in the transport sector where safety and caution against damage to goods are of prime importance.

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