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Greaves Electric New Electric Vehicles 

Today, Greaves Electric Mobility Private Limited (GEMPL) provided a sneak peek at its ambitious EV vision. At the ongoing Auto Expo 2023, the company revealed a variety of its new products for two and three-wheelers. This was necessary in order to satisfy customer needs across categories and pricing points.

Three two-wheelers from the Ampere brand series were introduced by the firm at the event. The Ampere Primus and Ampere NXG as well as the Ampere NXU multi-utility electric scooter can be used for deliveries.

Three-wheelers include Greaves Aero Vision, a future freight concept that embodies performance and efficiency, Greaves ELP, a passenger three-wheeler, and Greaves ELC, a cargo three-wheeler.

Customers seeking greater speed, improved style, and better technology will find Ampere Primus to their liking. Modern millennials are the target market for the high-speed B2C e-scooter Ampere Primus, as well as the two-wheelers Ampere NXG and Ampere NXU.

Ampere NXG


The Ampere NXG electric scooter is a high-end, fashionable model with lots of connectivity for picky users in the passenger mobility market.

Ampere NXU


A reliable and connected B2B electric scooter for the gig economy, the Ampere NXU has many commercial uses. It might also be a family member’s personal automobile.

Ampere Primus


Ampere Primus is an effective electric scooter with a top speed of 77 kmph, a 4 kW mid-mount motor with high efficiency and torque, and a real range of more than 100 km on a full charge. In less than 5 seconds, it can accelerate from 0 to 40 km/ph. For the best riding experience, it will include four modes: Eco, City, Power, and Reverse. Additionally, It is quite safe and durable as well. It has a long-lasting battery life with LFP chemistry Smart Bluetooth connectivity & navigation with a phone app for ease. It will have broader seats, more room for the legs, and better maneuverability. Four metallic matte colors Himalayan White, Royal Orange, Havelock Blue, and Buck Black are available to stylishly design its contrasting body panels.

Sanjay Behl, CEO and Executive Director of Greaves Electric Mobility Private Ltd, stated that Ampere Primus will be made available within the current quarter and the remaining cars will be made available during the course of the upcoming fiscal year.

Concept Electric Three Wheeler


The new products will have a contemporary design aesthetic and be enhanced for Indian driving conditions. Additionally, it claims that the Ampere two-wheeler range and the GEMPL three-wheeler range’s designs were influenced by the idea of “humanizing technology,” which combines the greatest technology and safety.


The next-generation aerodynamic cargo three-wheeler concept and the all-new EV scooter with the new design are the highlights of the new line. The company’s “Make in India” initiative will continue to be reflected in the next Greaves products, which will include a high level of localization and domestically produced components.

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