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Geely Auto, a leading Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, has unveiled a groundbreaking video showcasing its latest AI-driven driverless vehicle technology. The footage, shared on Weibo, highlights the vehicle’s ability to autonomously drift on snow and ice, earning it the title of “world’s first driverless drifting technology.”

This demonstration features a test vehicle executing fully unmanned autonomous driving and drifting maneuvers comparable to those of professional race car drivers. Geely attributes this achievement to its advanced AI digital chassis technology, which seamlessly integrates AI large models, digital chassis, and intelligent driving systems.

As a prominent brand under Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd., Geely Auto boasts a diverse portfolio that includes electric vehicles and strategic investments in brands like ZEEKR, Volvo, Lotus, and Polestar.

How will Geely change the Market?

The innovative AI drifting car represents a significant technological milestone, leveraging sophisticated algorithms and hardware-software integration to enable precise control and aggressive driving techniques.

Geely’s latest electric vehicle model not only excels in autonomous drifting but also prioritizes passenger safety with advanced driver assistance features. These include active avoidance, active braking, and refined torque vectoring control, enhancing both performance and safety on the road.

Road map of Geely

With its AI digital chassis technology, Geely aims to revolutionize the mobility experience by offering enhanced safety and maneuverability in various driving conditions. The system’s ability to stabilize the vehicle during traffic backups and evade obstacles underscores its practical applications in real-world scenarios.

Inside the vehicle, Geely’s Xingrui AI model adds a touch of sophistication, allowing for interactive experiences such as drawing pictures and engaging in voice conversations with passengers.

Writer’s Remark

Looking ahead, Geely plans to integrate high-end new energy technologies, including the AI digital chassis, into future Lynk & Co and Geely Galaxy products. This strategic initiative aims to exceed consumer expectations and reinforce Geely’s position as an innovative leader in the automotive industry.

The public unveiling of Geely’s AI-driven drifting EV marks a notable departure from its traditional low-profile approach, signaling a renewed focus on showcasing technological prowess and innovation to global audiences.

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