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Fisker Ocean Electric SUV

The tide is turning for electric vehicles as new electric models flood the market, and Fisker Automotive looks to capitalize on that sentiment with its aptly named Ocean Electric SUV. Here are the Fisker Electric SUV price, range, battery details

The most attainable model starts under $40,000 and boasts an estimated range of 250 miles. All other Oceans feature an all-wheel-drive, dual-motor setup that generates at least 540 horsepower and accelerates to 60 mph in less than 4.0 seconds.

The highest-rated Fischer Ocean Electric variant is expected to cross 350 miles on a single charge. In the vein of Range Rover Evoque, the 2023 Fisker Ocean is not only a beautiful SUV but also has some unique available features.
Fisker Ocean Electric SUV Price, Range and Features

It has a 17.1-inch centre touchscreen that rotates vertically and horizontally and a mode that opens the roof panel, all the side windows, and the rear glass to give the cabin the windswept feel of a convertible.

Only time will tell if the Ocean’s range ratings, performance claims, and parlour tricks will impress the Tesla-obsessed public.

 Price, Range, and Features

Models Features & Highlights Price in the USA
Fisker Ocean One
  • Battery: Hyper Range
  • Powertrain: Dual Motor AWD w/ Rear Disconnect Smart Traction
  • Range: 350+ Miles
  • Drive Modes: Earth, Fun, Hyper 
Price $68,999
Fisker Ocean Extreme
  • Battery: Hyper Range 

  • Powertrain: Dual Motor AWD w/ Rear Disconnect Smart Traction

  • Range: 350+ Miles

  • Drive Modes: Earth, Fun, Hyper 

Fisker Ocean Ultra
  • Battery: Hyper Range 

  • Powertrain: Dual Motor AWD w/ optional Smart Traction

  • Range: 340 Miles

  • Drive Modes: Earth, Fun, Hype

Price $49,999
Fisker Ocean Sport
  • Battery: Touring Range

  • Powertrain: Single Motor FWD

  • Range: 250 Miles

  • Drive Modes: Earth, Fun

  • Driver Drowsiness and Attention

Price $37,499

What’s New in 2023 Fisker Ocean 


Fisker Automotive’s 2023 Ocean is an all-electric SUV. The first 5000 copies will be Ocean One launch editions, with production set to begin in November of next year.

Performance, Engine, and Transmission


The Sport model, which has a single electric motor powering the front wheels, is the entry point into the 2023 Ocean lineup. With 275 horsepower on tap, it should accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 6.9 seconds.

The Ultra and Extreme (as well as the limited-edition One) feature an electric motor on each axle, resulting in all-wheel drive. The fastest version, with a total system output of up to 550 horses, is estimated to sprint from a standstill to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds. 

All models have 20-inch wheels with low-rolling-resistance tyres. There is also a set of performance tyres mounted on 22-inch rims available. The front-drive Ocean has a towing capacity of 2040 pounds, while all-wheel-drive models have a towing capacity of 4000 pounds.

Cargo, Interior, and Comfort

Cargo, Interior, and Comfort

The Ocean has a simple layout that is offset by some simple controls, and it is lined with reclaimed materials that promote sustainability.

In addition to a large touchscreen that rotates on all but the base model, its dashboard features a slim digital gauge cluster and attractive materials that span across it. Because the entry-level Ocean is marketed as an affordable EV, the number of high-end standard amenities is limited. 

Every model, however, comes standard with a rearview mirror with a digital camera feed, a power-adjustable steering column, and a power rear liftgate. While the Sport trim has a fixed-glass panoramic sunroof, the rest of the lineup has a retractable panoramic glass roof. When the latter’s California mode is activated, the roof, as well as the rear and side glass, are opened to create a convertible-like, open-air experience.

Connectivity and Infotainment


The centrepiece of the Ocean’s interior, similar to that of a Tesla, is a massive touchscreen. Unlike a Tesla, the 17.1-inch display can switch between portrait and landscape modes depending on the driving situation.

While the base model’s screen is fixed vertically, its infotainment system includes a Harman/Kardon stereo as standard. All models, with the exception of the Sport, have the innovative swivelling touchscreen and a more powerful audio system.


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