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ModelPrice In India
Tesla Model 3Rs. 60 Lakhs

Price in India: The Tesla Model 3 price in India is expected to be Rs 60 lakh.

Note: None of the Tesla models has been launched in India yet, as discussions are on. The price and launch date are estimated by looking at the global price of Tesla’s model, Tesla Model 3 Price in India is none of the Tesla officials has disclosed.

Elon Musk, as well as Karnataka CM and Union Road Transport Minister, Nitin Gadkari, confirmed Tesla’s presence in India earlier this year, which came as a pleasant surprise to Indian electric car fans. Tesla intends to open showrooms in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore in the initial phase of its Indian expansion.

These showrooms will be in the size of 20 thousand to 30 thousand square feet and will also include a service centre. The Tesla Model 3 was spotted in full camouflage for the first time in India earlier this week and is expected to launch soon.

Tesla Model 3 Highlights: 

Standard PlusLong RangePerformance
Range423 Km/ Charge568 Km/ Charge507 Km/ Charge
Top Speed225 Kmph233 Kmph261 Kmph
Charging Time (7.2KW Charger)8 Hrs11.5 Hrs11.5 Hrs

Tesla Model 3 Specifications

In the United States, the Tesla Model 3 is available in three electric powertrain configurations: Standard Plus, Long Range, and Performance. It is expected to make its debut in India in 2021.

Following are the Tesla’s Model 3 Electric Powertrain Configurations:

  • Standard Plus,
  • Long Range, and
  • Performance

The Long Range and Performance models have a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system with a range of 568 and 507 kilometres, respectively, but the Standard Plus has a rear-wheel drivetrain with a range of 423 kilometres on a single charge.

The Performance variant, on the other hand, can sprint from 0 to 97 km/h in 3.1 seconds and achieve a high speed of 261 km/h.  In India, Tesla may first release the Model 3 Standard Plus and Long Range variants, with the Performance variant following later. The estimated price is 60 lakhs INR, which puts it in direct competition with Mercedes-Benz EQC and Jaguar I Pace.

The Tesla Model 3’s interior is unlike anything else. You may use your smartphone as a key and use the centre 15-inch touchscreen to access all driving controls. The all-glass roof runs from front to rear, giving every seat a sense of openness. The sophisticated safety and convenience features of Autopilot are meant to help you with the most difficult aspects of driving.

Specs Overview

Tesla Model 3: Black Edition
Fuel TypeElectric
Smart FeaturesAutopilot, Smartphone to Open Car Lock and Much More


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