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In a recent article Manvinder Singh Chugh (Founder, and Chairman of Aponyx Electric Vehicles) writes about how electric two-wheelers are unfolding a technological revolution which not only impacts an individual but the entire Earth’s ecosystem as a whole.

Manvinder Singh Chugh, Founder, and Chairman, Aponyx Electric

In this article, we will unveil why the author is so affirmative regarding a tomorrow which promises a better way of living to its subjects.

Table of Contents

On breaking chains of ignorance

Misconceptions regarding range limitations & lack of charging infrastructure has brought electric two wheelers to a state of disrepute.
Lack of awareness can sabotage both individual and national economic development.
The author suggests…

  • Collaboration of manufacturers, governments, and organizations to effectively communicate the benefits of electric two-wheelers & dispel misconceptions.
  • Emphasizing the advantages of electric two-wheelers, such as their positive environmental impact and cost savings
  • Addressing common misconceptions

Furthermore, educating riders on safety practices and maintenance ensures responsible usage and enhances their overall experience with electric two-wheelers.

On riding towards a safer tomorrow

In addition to seeking good mileage and a sporty look, an informed citizen cannot compromise on safety of his drive.
The author sheds light upon how electric two wheelers promise a safer ride than its conventional counterparts.

  • Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) & traction control enhance rider control and prevent accidents
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms enable vehicles to analyze data, anticipate potential hazards, and respond proactively

On fast charging Infrastructure

Imagine a magic pad which charges your electric vehicle wirelessly while you sip upon your favourite coffee.
Sounding too good to be true, isn’t it ?

Recognizing the need of fast charging infrastructure, a wave of innovation is transforming charging stations into power hubs of the future.
Wireless charging technologies are stepping into the limelight, eliminating the need for plugs and cables altogether.

On How IoT transforms EVs into intelligent companions

Heading towards a hyper-connected future, electric two-wheelers are seamlessly intertwining with the Internet of Things (IoT), embracing a realm of infinite possibilities.

Equipped with GPS navigation systems, mobile app connectivity, and real-time data monitoring, riders can effortlessly cut through city chaos, receive personalized insights, and remotely manage their vehicles.
Some features which the author is excited about are …

  • Remote vehicle diagnostics
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Ensuring peak performance and efficiency

On extended battery range

Breakthroughs in battery technology have paved the way for extended range batteries, offering riders the freedom to embark on longer journeys with confidence.
The latest lithium-ion battery packs boast unprecedented energy densities, propelling riders farther than ever before on a single charge.

The horizon looks even brighter with the advent of solid-state batteries, promising greater energy storage capacity, shorter charging times, and enhanced safety features

The days of range limitations are dwindling, clearing the path for electric two-wheelers to go the extra mile.

On Embracing Lightweight & Sustainable Materials

Carbon fiber composites, aluminum alloys, and other advanced materials are revolutionizing the construction of frames, shedding unnecessary weight without compromising strength.
The result ?
Electric two-wheelers that zoom through city streets with agility, efficiency, and reduced environmental impact.

Embracing the principles of sustainability, manufacturers are also turning to bioplastics and recycled materials, ushering in a greener production process and a brighter future for our planet.


Extended range batteries, fast charging infrastructure, intelligent connectivity, lightweight materials, and advanced safety systems are catapulting electric two-wheelers into the limelight, captivating the imagination of urban dwellers worldwide.
This transformative wave promises cleaner air, reduced traffic congestion, and a greener future.

As electric two-wheelers gain momentum, they pave the way for a paradigm shift in urban mobility, marking a pivotal moment in our journey toward sustainable and efficient transportation.
Brace yourself for an electric world!


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