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  • Ampere scooters owned by the renowned company, Greaves Cotton priced at 1.04 lakhs have been reported to break from the main frame of the Chassis tube.
  • The company has taken stringent measures to resolve the error by providing new parts to replace the gusset plate.
  • The upper statement conflicted in the recent case of Meerut, where the ex-dealer proclaims that the company is pulling the wool over the eyes of consumers in the name of free replacement and servicing and wielding the scooter to avoid more breakage. Thus providing a short-term solution and risking the life of riders.
  • Overall, 65000 cases of vehicle breakage have been filled by electric scooter riders and the companies are working to make sure that future products do not face the same defects.

Breakage issues in electric vehicles are not a new saga in the history of electric vehicles, we have been aghast over and over again by fire issues, and front-suspension issues in Ola vehicles, and now a new problem in the form of Chassis breakage has emerged where the customers have started fearing for their life before they decide to hop on any electric scooter. These incidents are a perfect replica of a rotten apple that injures its companions.

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Chassis Breakage: Story of Meerut

The issue of electric scooter breakage has received huge publicity since the Ola front suspension cases were registered. Now Ampere is leading the breakage popularity cases in states like UP, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and others.

In the recent case of Ampere Magnus Ex, the owner was riding the scooter with his four-year-old child when the breakage took place. Notably, the rear portion of the scooter appears to have become grounded. Fortunately, the owner and his son emerged from the accident unharmed; however, regrettably, the structure of the electric scooter’s chassis seems beyond repair.

This is not the first time, such an incident has taken place as a similar mishap took place in Uttar Pradesh, wherein the scooter also suffered a division into two distinct halves in the month of February.

Cheap Quality product used in scooters

This incident is a perfect case study of how the company is using low-quality products that are too fragile to handle slight road bumps. This raises some concerns like:

  • Are the company using good quality during certification stages and later passing cheap quality to the consumers?
  • Are they using imported products extensively on vehicles made for Indian markets?

If these two conditions are satisfying the problem caused by Ampere vehicles then how can a customer feel safe while riding them anyway?

Ampere Magnus Ex specifications

The electric vehicle is equipped with a 2.1 kW hub-mounted electric motor, seamlessly propelling it to a commendable top speed ranging between 50 to 53 kmph. The Magnus EX is powered by a robust 60V 38.25 Ah lithium-ion battery, ensuring an impressive maximum riding range spanning from 80 to 100 km

Writer’s Remark

These incidents underline a pressing concern and call for a thorough investigation into the safety and reliability of the Ampere Magnus EX electric scooter model.

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