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Bajaj Sunny Electric 

A Nostalgic Revival

Bajaj is making headlines with the revival of the iconic Sunny scooter, originally a compact and cheerful electric scooter popular in the mid-90s.

Old Meets New in Design


The new images reveal that the Sunny EV maintains the heartwarming design elements of the original, with its characteristic round headlamp, a spacious front fender, slim floorboard, and distinctive box-shaped tail lamp.

Compact and Charming

Just like its predecessor, the new Sunny EV promises to be cute and compact, featuring three-spoke wheels, rear grab handles, front suspension, and drum brakes.

Notable Differences in the Sunny EV

Farewell to the Exhaust

One significant change is the absence of an exhaust pipe on the right side. In its place, the Sunny EV boasts an enlarged battery for eco-friendly power.

Powering Up

While the original Sunny had a 60cc engine, the new Sunny EV is expected to offer a similar speed performance but with enhanced torque for better load-carrying capacity and quick acceleration.

A New Platform

The size of the new Sunny suggests that it’s based on a different platform, possibly engineered and manufactured entirely by Bajaj, known as the Yulu platform.

What’s Next for the Sunny EV?

Source: Autocar

Speedy Sightings

Recent sightings of the Sunny EV show it accelerating briskly away from traffic lights, reaching speeds of about 40-50 kph.

Battery Mystery

The exact battery size remains unknown, but it’s anticipated to be smaller than the Chetak’s 2.9 kWh unit. There’s also speculation that this could be Bajaj’s first EV with a removable battery.


A Glimpse of the Future: While Bajaj hasn’t officially announced a launch date,  Sunny EV has been spotted during testing in Pune, hinting at a potential launch within the next year or so.

A Game-Changer for Urban Travel: With the increasing demand for EVs and the shift towards a future without incentives, Bajaj’s move to offer an affordable and compact electric option could transform quick urban journeys.

Reshaping the EV Market: Bajaj has already made its mark with the successful launch of the Chetak electric scooter, and the potential entry of the Sunny EV into the market could further revolutionize local mobility.

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