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Avon E-auto Greenway Electric Rickshaw

“E-world by Avon” has introduced the passenger electric rickshaw known as the “E-auto Greenway.” This electric rickshaw was intentionally introduced to lower the cost of operating an electric rickshaw among its consumers.

The market’s affordability is extremely important since electric rickshaw drivers are mostly underprivileged and electric rickshaws are a necessary component of daily living in metropolitan areas.

Although “E-world by Avon” has also introduced a number of cargo electric rickshaws, this one is only for passenger service.

This article will review the E-auto Greenway electric rickshaw and determine whether it is a worthwhile investment.

Looks and Designs

E-auto greenway comes with a typical gas-powered Indian “tuk-tuk” auto-rickshaw type look. In addition to that, the body of this electric rickshaw is built of mild steel, and it has a very strong chassis.

Furthermore, MIG welding is used to manufacture E-auto Greenway, ensuring the strength and durability of the vehicle. Additionally, the phosphate surface of this electric rickshaw is coated with power paint.

E-auto Greenway has canvas clothing on the roof and backside, giving it a unique look and setting it apart from other electric rickshaws in the Indian market.

The height, width, and length of the e-auto greenway are 2760 MM, 992 MM, and 1775 MM respectively. These dimensions of this electric rickshaw help to maintain stability on different types of roads in India.


Moreover, the E-auto greenway can load and transport 4 persons at once with one driver seat which is considered very good when it comes to low-speed electric rickshaws.


In order to reduce confusion while purchasing the electric rickshaw, Avon has only introduced the E-auto Greenway in one color option. The only color option available in this electric rickshaw is Blue.

But even though they introduced the electric rickshaw only in one color option, the company hasn’t compromised with the visual appeal of the electric rickshaw.


The price of E-auto Greenway is around 1.41 lakhs including all the necessary taxes but still, you should contact the official dealer of E-world by Avon to get the accurate prices of this electric rickshaw.


Motor power850 W
Battery12V 110 Ah
Top speed24 Km/h
Warranty1 year on battery
SuspensionsTelescopic on front
Charger Input220V AC 50HZ


The type of battery used in E-auto Greenway is a Lead acid DC battery. Additionally, the included battery charger has a very good capacity with a 220 V input and is fully automatic.

Additionally, this electric rickshaw has a motor with 850 W of power, which is excellent for low-speed electric vehicles. In addition, a top-notch 45A controller is built right into the motor which helps to regulate the speed of the motor.

Furthermore, E-auto Greenway comes with differential transmissions and telescopic front suspensions to provide comfort and safety on bumpy roads.


We recommend that E-auto Greenway by E-world by Avon is providing excellent and necessary specifications with reasonable pricing. So, if you are considering buying one, give this electric rickshaw a shot.

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