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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/autobot-india-and-cell-propulsion-partners-to-offer-customized-solutions-to-ev-companies/The aim of the association is to offer customized solutions to companies in this domain and help them prepare for a tech-advanced future.

Autobot India and Cell Propulsion Partners to offer Customized Solutions to EV companies

Autobot India, an innovative and growing turnkey solution provider in the EV industry, under its vertical Autobot Academy has recently signed an MoU with Cell Propulsion, a fleet electrification company developing solutions for large scale electrification of commercial vehicle fleets, to provide the world’s first blended learning platform in EV technology.

The idea behind the collaboration is to build a large community of experts in India who are skilled in different electric vehicle (EVs) technologies.

The idea behind the partnership is to fill the current gap in the EV industry in terms of being self-sufficient. It will enable OEMs and auto companies to gain multifarious benefits and get customized solutions depending upon what they want to achieve. There are three core areas where the association will be beneficial: skill development and knowledge sharing; capability building; and creating a talent pool.

Autobot India plans for many such collaborations in the future with clients in the EV domain. The automobile industry is undergoing a tech disruption and the future will be bright for companies that adapt to this change. Given this, the vertical of Autobot India, the Autobot Academy aims to build a platform to offer specialized, and customized programs, suiting industry requirements, that will help them prepare for this transition.


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