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2024 Bajaj Chetak Premium

Bajaj Auto Limited has launched its latest electric model, the Chetak Premium today.  Retaining its iconic design, the updated Chetak Premium boasts a range of new components and incorporates several updates beneath its surface. This launch signifies Bajaj’s commitment to advancing its electric vehicle lineup, and enthusiasts are eager to explore the innovative features and improvements brought by the Chetak Premium to the electric mobility landscape. While the current Chetak lineup features both Urbane and Premium variants, they share remarkable similarities. The launch of the updated Chetak Premium is expected to create a more distinct separation between the two. The Chetak Urbane will continue as the affordable and basic version, while the enhanced Chetak Premium will represent the pricier and feature-rich alternative.

Let’s quickly take a look at some of the Key features of Chetak Premium:


While retaining its design and styling, the scooter introduces notable updates. All lighting elements now feature darkened surrounds and a ‘Chetak’ decal is added to the wheel rim. The upgraded dashboard replaces the circular display with a full-color TFT display, operated through new switches on the handlebar. This advanced display not only includes turn-by-turn navigation, notification alerts, and music play/pause functions but also allows users, through a smartphone app, to enable geo-fencing and access ride data and analytics. It’s essential to mention that certain app-based features, including navigation and music controls, are exclusive to the updated Chetak Premium variant and not available on the standard version.


The 2024 Bajaj Chetak Premium is now available in two distinct packages – Tecpac and Standard, offering consumers more customization options. This marks a significant improvement over the previous Chetak Premium, which only had a standard version. Let’s delve into the key updates in the specifications of the 2024 Chetak Premium:

2024 Bajaj Chetak

SpecificationTecpacStandardChetak Premium

[ Standard] 

Range127 km127 km108 km
Top Speed73 kmph73 kmph63 kmph
Charging Time4 hr 30 mins4 hr 30 mins3 hr 50 min
BatteryOn Board, 650wOn Board, 650wOn Board, 800w
Body MaterialSteelSteelSteel
Riding ModesEco & SportsEcoEco & Sport
Navigation SystemAvailableAvailableAvailable
Storage SpaceFullLimitedFull*
Regenerative BrakingAvailableAvailable
Mobile AppAvailableAvailableAvailable
Price1,44,463 INR1,35,463 INR1,15,000 INR


The key update in the 2024 Chetak Premium is the introduction of a more potent 3.2kWh battery pack, boasting a claimed IDC range of 127km. However, the flip side of this improvement is a slightly longer charging time, now taking 4 hours and 30 minutes for a 0-100 percent charge. The previous Chetak Premium had a battery pack of 2.9 kWh. 


The 2024 Bajaj Chetak Premium will be available in three attractive colors. They are as follows:

  • Brooklyn Black
  • Indigo Blue
  • Hazelnut


The 2024 Chetak Premium comes equipped with cutting-edge features to enhance the rider’s experience. A new 5-inch TFT screen keeps users informed about music, calls, and directions, providing easy access to essential information. Hill Hold Assist ensures steady control on slopes, delivering stability and confidence during rides. The addition of Reverse Mode enables effortless maneuvering in tight spots. The convenience of an onboard charger allows hassle-free charging in any environment. The Key Fob feature provides quick vehicle location within a 30-meter radius. Seamless App connectivity ensures tamper alerts and Over-The-Air updates, keeping riders connected and linked wherever they go. Easy Navigation allows the users to seamlessly embark on uninterrupted rides by simply hopping on, entering their destination through the app, and effortlessly discovering the optimal route forward. 


The 2024 Bajaj Chetak Premium is set to offer consumers two distinct versions. The Tecpac variant will be available for Rs 1,44,463, while the Standard version will be priced at Rs 1,35,463. This pricing strategy provides riders with the flexibility to choose between the Tecpac and Standard packages, each catering to different preferences and needs.












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