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Tata Nexon EV Facelift

Tata.ev has relaunched its iconic Nexon EV model as Tata Nexon EV Facelift 2023 game changer which was launched in 2017. The company has provided a more engaging look and better efficiency to present the Nexon EV model. This car can be booked online from 9th September at Rs. 21000 and commercial launching from 14 September. The new Nexon comes in two variants Long range and Medium range which have six different exciting colors. Explaining New Nexon Martin Uhlarik, head of Global Design at Tata Motors said it is a game changer design to make the premiere feel. Tata has worked on every aspect to make Nexon more user-friendly.

Look and Design 

Tata has provided all LED lights at the front and back which make it look like a next-generation product. The bottom half of the car is completely a functional SUV with a 4-meter footprint. The cabin provides a more sporty look with a sloping roofline, and floating C pillar. The front end is dominated by a new bumper which is made more aerodynamic.



DRLs are made more functional and now show charging status, welcome, and goodbye sequences through different color modes. The rear end of the car has an iconic X factor giving a unique look of Nexon on the road. The hidden wipers at the rear, digital dashboard, smart digital steering wheel, and R16 alloy wheels collectively give a stunning look to Nexon EV.


Tata has continued with PMSM with a new Gen II motor. It is 20 kg lighter than the previous and comes with a smaller space. The motor has lesser dependence on the rare earth metal which is now reduced by 30%. Nexon now has 4 stages of efficient liquid cooling and smart low voltage battery charge management. Nexon is the first car in the country to use iVBAC (battery cooling analytic) which improves 2-3% of range.


The company also claimed that its Nexon EV has the lowest rolling resistance tyres among all cars in the country. The company has worked on the wheel to minimize the aerodynamic losses. Because of wheel curtains and wheel inserts the resistance is reduced by 13 counts which improves 2% in range. The engineered LEDs of Nexon have cut down 30% of electrical loads.  The regenerative braking is made more efficient by 10-15% than earlier models. The company claims because of improved technology the overall range is improved by 7% in real life.



Nexon EV can achieve 0-100 km/h in just 8.9 seconds and a maximum speed of 150 km/h. It has three driving modes Eco, City, and Sport. The motor can go 16000 RPM from 12000 RPM in the previous version. It has 106.4 kW power providing 2500 Nm torque at the wheel. The flat torque is provided over a wide range of speeds extending up to 750 RPM. The lesser Noise, Vibration, and Harness (NVH) are felt by the occupant in this relaunched Nexon EV.  Nexon EVs can be used to charge other vehicles (V2V) and can be used to power other electrical loads (V2L).

Battery Pack and Range 

Nexon comes in two variants- Long Range which has 40.5 kWh of battery capacity giving a range of 465 km and Medium Range which has 30 kWh of battery capacity giving a range of 325 km on the ARAI cycle. The battery used in Nexon is an LFP-based battery that can withstand more thermal stress and liquid cooling technology is provided. Tata Nexon has used its ZIP Tron powertrain technology in this version also. Charging speed is provided with 7.2kW for both variants. With DC fast charging, 10-90% can be charged within 56 minutes.

Other Specifications 


For high-performance audio-visual experience, cinematic 31,24 cm touchscreen, JBL 360° 3D sound system, wireless charger facilities for mobile, OTA updates, Embedded maps for a safe, intuitive, and enriched driving experience and Arcade.ev is provided. Bolstered ultra-comfort seats with ventilation an electric Sunroof with voice command increase the user experience. Also, Nexon EV is more reliant on localisation from design to manufacturing.

Safety Features

The company has worked on all three safety concerns: active, passive, and high voltage. 360° camera view surrounds everything, front parking assist, and blind view mirror is provided. 6 airbags and seatbelt reminder for all occupants are provided in the car. The SOS emergency call function comes as standard for both variants. Hill ascent, Hill descent control, Auto hold, and all-disc brakes,i-TPMS are provided in Nexon EV. The high-voltage system has an IP67 safety protection.

Booking & Delivery

Nexon EV can be booked online from 9th September at Rs. 21000 and is commercial launching from 14 September. However, the price was not revealed by the company at the launching event.

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