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Xiaomi SU7 Electric Sedan

Xiaomi, the Chinese tech giant renowned for its smartphones, has entered the electric vehicle arena with the grand reveal of its first car, the SU7. The “SU” in the model’s name stands for “Speed Ultra”. The momentous event unfolded in a live presentation on YouTube, offering viewers a look at the cutting-edge EV technology integrated into the vehicle. During the unveiling, Xiaomi showcased official images of the SU7 and divulged additional details, setting the stage for a competitive challenge against top players in the global automotive industry, such as Tesla. The SU7 will be available in three variants- the SU7, SU7 Pro, and SU7 Max. 

Let’s have a quick look at some of the key specifications of this magnetic EV:



The Xiaomi SU7 captures attention with its sleek, modern, and sporty design, showcasing top-notch characteristics and features contributing to its overall attractiveness. Additionally, the four-wheeler is equipped with Xiaomi’s HyperOS operating system. As an electric sedan resembling a fastback design, the SU7 goes beyond aesthetics, incorporating Lidar-based autonomous driving features such as self-parking and adaptive cruise control. This combination of style and advanced technology positions the SU7 as a compelling choice in the electric vehicle market.


Here are the specifications of the two variants Xiaomi SU7 and Xiaomi SU7 Max and Pro Variant 

SpecificationsXiaomi SU7[Rear Wheel drive]Xiaomi SU7 Max[Dual-Motor all  wheels drive] Xiaomi V8
Acceleration (0-100 km/h)5.28s2.78s
Battery pack 73.6 kWh101 kWh CTB150 kWh
Recharge Range668 km800 km 1200 km 
Top Speed210 km/h265 km/h 
Max Horsepower299 ps673 ps
Max Torque400 Nm838 Nm
Peak Output220 kW495 kW
Braking Distance35.5m (100-0 km/h)35.3m (100-0 km/h)
Expected launch date202420242025


SU7 has an 800v Hyper charge capability, which means in 5 minutes of charge users can have a 220km range and in 15 minutes, users can have a range of up to 510km. This rapid charging capability enhances the convenience and practicality of the SU7, ensuring users can quickly top up their electric vehicle for extended driving without lengthy charging times. The SU7’s efficient charging performance aligns with the growing demand for faster and more accessible electric vehicle charging solutions. 


In the live event, Xiaomi unveiled three motors for the V6, V6S, and 8—each with distinctive specifications. 

SPECIFICATIONV6/V6SV8SPre- research carbon sleeved rotor
rpm21000 rpm

[in mass production, on board] 


[ in mass production on road by 2025] 




Xiaomi SU7 will be available in three very attractive and eye-catching colors. They are as follows:

  • Aqua Blue
  • Mineral Gray
  • Verdant Green



The Xiaomi SU7 emphasizes safety and performance, showcasing a rapid power cutoff feature within 4 seconds and successfully passing 150 tests. Its robust heat management system, capable of individual and integrated component heating even in extreme conditions, adds to the overall safety measures. On the manufacturing front, Xiaomi invests in cutting-edge technology, including a 9100-ton stamping machine system and the use of Xiaomi Titans Metal with 30% recyclability, aligning with sustainable industry trends.


In terms of technology, the SU7 stands out with smart parking capabilities, a Smart Cabin featuring a 16.1-inch center display and a 56-inch HUD, and seamless connectivity powered by the Snapdragon 8295 chip. The car’s app ecosystem operates smoothly, supporting popular chat apps and mainstream applications, and it offers versatile customization options with Airplay and iOS CarPlay support. The UI on the central screen allows for up to three split windows for multitasking, and users can even cast their Xiaomi phone’s screen to it for a seamless experience. As for music and video entertainment, it’ll be complemented by the 23 internal Dolby Atmos speakers. Overall, the Xiaomi SU7 combines advanced safety features, innovative manufacturing practices, and state-of-the-art technology to deliver a comprehensive and cutting-edge driving experience. 


Xiaomi is yet to disclose the prices for the SU7 line, with Chairman Lei hinting at a potentially higher cost, acknowledging the subjective nature of the term “expensive.” We’ll have to wait a few months to find out the prices and if it will be available outside China. In the interim, individuals can explore the limited edition colors of Xiaomi 14 and 14 Pro smartphones, along with the Xiaomi Watch S3 eSIM, available in aqua blue or olive green, providing options to complement the forthcoming SU7 model.


In conclusion, Xiaomi’s venture into the electric vehicle market with the SU7 marks a significant milestone, showcasing high-end technology, top-class features, and a commitment to innovation. The sleek design, cutting-edge HyperOS, and advanced safety measures position the SU7 as a tough competitor in the electric vehicle landscape, challenging established players like Tesla. Xiaomi’s foray into electric vehicles holds the promise of setting new standards. As anticipation builds for  its pricing details, the SU7 is poised to make its mark as one of the best EV cars ever made, reflecting Xiaomi’s dedication to pushing boundaries in the automotive industry.

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