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Tata Motors heralded a new era in SUV design with the unveiling of its Electric SUV Concept – CURVV in 2022. Meticulously designed to seamlessly blend practicality and elegance, the Concept CURVV embodies dynamism and unparalleled road presence, showcasing Tata Motors’ innovative take on the modern SUV typology. Anticipated to make a significant impact in the market soon, the Tata Curvv is set to introduce a distinctive, edgy, and sporty coupe body style to India, a feature previously associated with high-end luxury vehicles.

The production-ready version of the Concept CURVV is poised to debut as an extension of Tata Motors’ expanding Electric Vehicle (EV) portfolio, marking a significant stride in the company’s commitment to sustainable mobility.

As we await the official launch, let’s explore the key details of  Upcoming Tata Curvv EV:


The Curvv EV concept introduces Tata’s future SUVs to a ‘Digital’ Design language, featuring distinctive elements set to define upcoming models. Notable highlights include a gracefully curved roofline and a notchback-styled boot, reminiscent of the BMW X4, enhancing the coupe-SUV aesthetics. The design is further accentuated by a full-width LED light bar and triangular air vents. Embodying the philosophy of ‘Less is More,’ the Curvv represents a progressive and modern SUV, achieving simplicity within complexity. Its captivating silhouette, dynamic proportions, design differentiators, and spacious interiors collectively create an SUV that exudes a robust character while effortlessly maintaining an elegant appeal.


The Curvv EV will utilize the Gen 2 EV architecture, a platform that will be shared with other upcoming electric vehicles. This next-generation architecture is poised to be advanced, flexible, and capable of accommodating various powertrain options. With a commitment to maintaining high standards of credibility and reliability set by the Generation 1 products powered by Ziptron, this new architecture aims to deliver enhanced range and performance. In its production version, the Concept CURVV promises customers unparalleled versatility, giving rise to a new category of vehicles in India that meets mobility needs and provides users with a genuine lifestyle solution for enjoyable transportation.


Battery Capacity56.5 kWh
Max Speed185 kmph
Range400-500 km
Charging Time4 Hrs



With a focus on convenience, the upcoming Curvv EV will feature a panoramic sunroof, a floating center console layout, a rotary gear selector, and a center armrest. The EV will showcase a sculpted, three-layer dashboard with a clean, minimalist design throughout the cabin. Additionally, it will include two free-standing digital screens for the infotainment system and the instrument cluster, respectively. The Curvv will introduce a new two-spoke steering wheel design.


Curvv emerges as one of Tata Motors’ highly anticipated electric vehicles, slated for release later this year. The carmaker previously unveiled the internal combustion engine (ICE) version of this SUV in near-production form at the Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024. As Tata Motors’ fourth electric car, Curvv is expected to debut in the latter half of 2024, utilizing the same EV platform recently introduced with the Punch EV.


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