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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/top-10-most-powerful-electric-skateboards/There was a time when standard Electric Skateboards delivered 20 mph everywhere, but the latest new generation of high-performance & Powerfull Electric skateboards are packing as much power as possible onto the deck and quite frankly they are getting so powerful and intimidating. 

Here are some of the World’s most powerful electric skateboards with the Fastest Speed available around the world. This electric skateboard range starts at 22 mph and ends at 68 mph.

“According to the brand ‘Hoverpro,’ a leading mobility solutions provider in India, electric skateboards or hoverboards are poised to become a common choice among individuals seeking efficient travel for short distances. As they rightly put it, these innovative modes of transport are revolutionizing the way people save time, especially for shorter commutes.” 

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 Most Powerful Electric Skateboards

Following are the list of Fastest Electric Skateboards Ranked by their Slowest to Fastest Speed-

Electric SkateboardsTop Speed (MPH)Top Speed (KM/h)
NGV Next board68 Mph108 km/h
Carvon EVO 4WD50 Mph80 km/h
BajaBoard Pantera
40 Mph72 km/h
Fiik Spine30 Mph48Km/h
Enertion Raptor 2.130 Mph48 km/h
Exway X1 Pro29 Mph49 km/h
XTND28 Mph45 km/h
Meepo NLS26 Mph42 km/h
Boosted Stealth24 Mph39 km/h
Evolve GTR22 mph35 km/h

Evolve GTR 22 Mph ( 35 km/h)


The Evolve Carbon GTR Longboard has several different specs that set it apart from its competitors, including 22-26 MPH top speed, 19-31 mile rand, and 25%-30% gradient climb in GT mode.

Evolve’s GTR series comes in two variants and you can choose to have a bamboo deck and a carbon one with a set of wheels available for street and off-road. There are lots of options if you want to customize your skateboard.

The Street model is built for pavement and it gives a range maximum of 26 mph and all-terrain top speeds of around 22 mph with beefier wheels but can also tackle mild off-road terrains such as grass and gravel.

This board has enough power to shoot you on a hill with a 30% gradient which is very steep.

Boosted Stealth 24 Mph (39km/h)

Boosted Stealth 24 Mph (39km/h)

BOOSTED Stealth This electric skateboard from Boosted has a very sleek and premium design aesthetic that makes for an excellent four-wheeled Electric Stackeboard that you can ride for practical travel or even just for thrills.

With a top speed of 24 mph that’s not too shabby, this skateboard’s extra flexible deck makes for an energetic and responsive ride that keeps riders feeling safe and stable while maneuvering aggressively at high speeds and down tracks. will help.

Meepo NLS 26 Mph ( 42km/h)

Meepo NLS 26 Mph ( 42km/h)

Meepo NLS – The most comfortable electric skateboard. The 3.9-inch wheels with regenerative braking and a top speed of up to 26 mph are the main features that make the Mapo NLS worth it.

Trying as a super-fast and most Powerfull electric skateboard and with a price point of only $600, this gadget is a small beast that can easily compete against a stalwart of the market.

Given all these features, we can definitely recommend it as a starting board for enthusiasts who are just starting to ride and want to go a little faster at an affordable price. 

XTND 28 Mph (45km/h) 

XTND 28 Mph (45km/h)

XTND 28 Mph (45km/h) Specification- XTND

Top speedUp to 28 mph
RangeUp to 10 miles
Weight13.2 lbs
Hill climb25% grade
Charging60 minutes
Powertrain1,500 W Dual-motor
Swappable battery133 Wh
Dimensions11.3 in x 38.0 in x 5.7 in
90 mm | 85A

This is the first electric skateboard with AI built-in, the extension is extremely lightweight and has a charging time of only 60 minutes. Which is amazing and very convenient, plus the skateboard has a maximum speed of 28 mph and aims to revolutionize urban transportation.

The real catch as we know it is that this AI intelligent electric board is not only fast, but it is also capable of continuously improving itself as you use it. It learns your riding style as you go

Exway X1 Pro 29 Mph ( 49 Km/h)

Exway X1 Pro 29 Mph ( 49 Km/h)

The Exway X1 pro has a black deck and shiny smooth wheels that make it an excellent-looking Electric skateboard.

this is Impressive because this electric skateboard is built for rough roads and rocky terrain with a competitive top speed of around 29 mph, the X1 Pro is the perfect mid-level electric board for professionals and novices alike.

Enertion Raptor 2.1 30 Mph ( 48 Km/h)

Enertion Raptor 2.1 30 Mph ( 48 Km/h)

Its specifications indicate that the Inertia and Raptor 2.1 are the best electric boards for tech enthusiasts and tinkerers with a fully modular open-source and programmable electronic propulsion system.

This is the perfect Electric skateboard if you want to dive under the hood and do some modding and adjustments. In other words, this electric boards with a maximum speed of 30 mph are the stuff of dreams for a tech enthusiast.

Enrtaion Raptor2.1 Vs Boosted Stealth?  Which electric skateboard you should you buy-

The Raptor2.1 gives you a top speed of 48 Km/h and the Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard will give you 39km/h and the Enrtaion Raptor is the clear winner in compression of the top speed.

Fiik Spine 30 Mph ( 48Km/h)

Fiik Spine 30 Mph ( 48Km/h)
Fiik Spine 30 Mph ( 48Km/h)

The Fiik Spine sports a highly distinctive design with a black deck made from specially engineered carbon flex and four bright yellow 80-millimeter wheels.

It takes only 2 hours to charge this board and can reach a maximum speed of 30 mph which can be used for a range of 25 miles, the Australian-made FIIK is quite durable and requires a lot of maintenance is not required. And that’s why it’s a perfect board for durability

BajaBoard Pantera 40 Mph ( 72Km/h)

BajaBoard Pantera 40 Mph ( 72Km/h)


  • Top speed of 70kph [44mph]
  • Range up to 50km [31mi]
  • 10S battery configuration, 1100Wh capacity
  • 4 x 3.5kW motors
  • 4 x 110A motor controllers for ridiculous torque & acceleration
  • Peak power output 8000W [10.7hp]
  • 26kg [57lbs] total weight

This electric skateboard is the most powerful and fastest electric skateboard which comes with four motors, driving each wheel. The BajaBoard Pantera model is certainly going from zero to 30 mph in less than 3 seconds. This is the most Powerful Electric Skateboard which comes with a Peak power output of 8000W and a top speed of 70kph. 

The alloy suspension structure makes it good enough to take on rocky bumpy tracks, but it is recommended that you should ride only if you are a seasoned frontier as this stunt can be dangerous

Carvon EVO 4WD 50 Mph ( 80 Km/h) 

Carvon EVO 4WD 50 Mph ( 80 Km/h)
Carvon EVO 4WD 50 Mph ( 80 Km/h)

The Carvon EVO 4WD Wheel Drive is an extremely Fastest Electric Skateboard that accelerates to around 50 mph, while its design has innovative technology behind its design that makes it easy to drive and stay extra stable on the road.

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Considering its jaw-dropping speed, you might think that the Evo’s battery would die after a few miles but that’s certainly not the case as it’s supposed to last a good 25 miles which are long before the gas goes out. and this is The most amazing part of the Carvon EVO 4WD Electric Skateboard.

NGV Next board 68 Mph ( 108 Km/h)https://e-vehicleinfo.com/top-10-most-powerful-electric-skateboards/

NGV Next board 68 Mph ( 108 Km/h)- World Fastest Electric Skateboard

WEIGHT9.5 kg
DIMENSIONS103 × 30 × 15 cm
TOP SPEEDUp to 113 km/h (70 MPH)
RANGE16 km (10 miles) with one 6S battery, 32 km (20 miles) with two 6S batteries in parallel

NGV Next Board – The fastest electric skateboard in the world and it can reach a top speed of 68 mph and is the craziest for any other electric skateboard.

This electric skateboard is designed to be the fastest electric skateboard in the world and aims to satisfy even the most daring and adventurous skateboarders on the face of the earth.

Electric skateboard technology has really come a long way in the past few years and these electric boards are getting very powerful and fast.


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