The AVINYA Electric SUV Concept is a giant stride towards the next generation of electric vehicles by Tata Passenger Electric Mobility (TPEM). It is an expression of the Company’s vision of a Pure electric vehicle, based on its GEN 3 architecture. Derived from the Sanskrit language, the name AVINYA stands for ‘Innovation’.

The AVINYA Concept introduces a new typology of mobility that liberates enormous roominess and comfort, not restricted by traditional segmentation. It comes packed with new-age technology, software, and Artificial Intelligence that work in the background to deliver wellness and tranquillity during transit.

Providing an extremely premium yet simple and calming customer experience, this concept will be fairly accessible to a majority of customers in the fast-growing, high-volume segments of today. With this, TPEM is all set to unleash a new breed of EVs that will redefine the automobile space. This path-breaking EV will be introduced to the market by 2025.

Tata New “AVINYA” Electric SUV Concept Images


  1. We admire the Electric vehicle concept of”TEPM ” we have had test drive of Nexon EV it’s pretty amazing experience but kept our purchase plan in abeyance due to lack of Charging infrastructure in BGrade cities like Jabalpur and many more in State ilke MP i am not expert of the field but feel that TATA should pay a little more attention to these so called Backward states where farmes are earnings is good


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