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Renault unveiled its highly anticipated new electric R5 at the Geneva Motor Show today. Renault R5 is a model that draws direct inspiration from its 1972 bestseller. The French automaker aims for this release to significantly boost its electric vehicle sales. Paying homage to the original R5 and Super 5, which collectively achieved sales of over nine million units, the new model incorporates iconic design elements such as vertical lights and vibrant colors. In contrast to other brands that have successfully relaunched iconic models using a “retrofuturism” approach, Renault has taken a distinct design direction for the new R5.

Words by  Gilles Vidal, design director of Renault R5,

Renault’s approach diverges from retrofuturism, emphasizing the importance of updating old models at the right juncture in the brands history”

Here are some key specifications of Renault R5:

VersionBattery Capacity (KWh)RangePrice (Euros)
First Version (Launch)52400 km (249 miles)
Less Powerful Version40300 km25,000  euros [approx. 22.50 lakh] 


The R5 boasts bidirectional charging capabilities, allowing owners to sell their battery’s energy back to the grid. This feature enhances the vehicle’s versatility and aligns with sustainable energy practices. The Envision battery pack, facilitating this functionality, will initially be imported until the completion of Envision’s gigafactory in northern France, expected to commence production in 2025. The company also claims that R5 has a towing capacity of 500 kilos. Notably, Renault stands as the sole major European automaker participating in this year’s Geneva show, marking a significant return since the pre-pandemic year of 2019. 


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