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Quench, an EV charger production, born globally has an intuitive interface to make Ev charging faster and easier for its users. 

The company on the 28th of October 2022 announced the launch of its new hyper charger “The tallboy”; it is a world-class fast charger that depicts a potential charging of 180KW to 240 kW which is said to be the quickest charger in India.

 Quench Tallboy Fast Charger: Highlights

The new Quench fast charger is a committed modern DC charger, it supports a modular architecture, and its developed technology allows the charger to upgrade from 180 KW to a 240KW in 20 minutes which is the same as a rapid charge 0 to 80% charge. 

  • It supports CCS1 and CCS2 standard charging types.
  •  CCS is a version of type 2 with two additional power contacts. It allows very fast charging, and it allows both AC and DC charging.
  • The Quench “Tallboy” also supports CHAdeMO. CHAdeMO is a DC charging standard for electric vehicles. It enables seamless communication between the car and the charger. 
  • Most of the features of the hypercharge are still under wraps, what we know now is that it will come with a retractable cable, Disabled accessibility, and an LED ticker.

One crucial aspect is that Tesla, the largest electric vehicle manufacturer in the world, offers its new vehicles in Europe and they are CCS2 compatible (AC and DC charging).

Quecha is working in immense perpetuity to gain enough momentum to accelerate the adoption of EV chargers globally. Quench is powered by Ador Digraton. 

As the innovation and technological leader in the energy storage and battery sectors, Ador Digatron, a joint venture between Ador Powertron (India) and Digatron Power Electronics (Germany), supports some of the major industry leaders in South-East Asia, Africa, and India.



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