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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/paradigm-shift-from-traditional-to-new-age-dual-sport-electric-motorcycle/ “The Time Is Right For Electric Cars – The Time Is Critical” – Carlos Ghosn

Looking into the demographic scenario of a vast country like India, the population is ever blooming. Such a scenario is leading to the increment of purchase capacity for urban commuting machines, leading to becoming the largest oil importer in the world.

On the contrary, there is a huge increase in GHG, resulting in the depletion of air quality. With the influx of electric vehicles, there will be a huge change in controlling the ever-increasing GHG and controlling carbon net neutrality. The increasing cost of fossil fuels and scarcity in the reserve has led to a revolution of phase shifting from traditional fuel-based vehicles to performance electric vehicles.

As the generation is in the process of transitioning from Gen Y to Gen Z, need-based functional design and customer-centric products have become the foundation for purchasing ideology. The adrenaline, Adventure, Achiever (AAA) philosophy of Barrel Motors is the DNA for the next-generation biking experience for the new age passionate riders. Understanding the current trend of purchasing behavior, a ramification of a segment “Dual Sport” in the motorcycle category has boomed the market exponentially.

The post-Covid scenario has made OEMs explore opportunities in the Dual Sports category as potential buyers are looking for a bike that performs both on-road and off-road capabilities for their weekend trips. It has led to a tremendous shift from the traditional mindset of producing urban commute bikes to dual-purpose bikes. Dual Sport Bikes – A new market driver. 

“Transportation Is Changing And We Need To Get Ready” – James Campbell

The growth in the motorcycling events and bikers’ community initiatives taken by private organizations has paced up the adoption of adventure-enduro types of motorcycles globally. Young consumers are very selective about their product comfort and performance, leading to technological advancements to drive the market. However, uneven and broken tarmac, and the rising culture of riding deeper into the hinterland without a proper road network, have increased consumer awareness for adventure-touring motorcycles.

The Electric Dual Sport motorcycles differ from the traditional dual-sport bike in both power and range. Once charged, it is ready to tackle any terrain that gets in your way. It is environmentally friendly and will help you out with fuel costs. You can go wherever you want to go depending on what your riding style is.

“Ride Clean, Ride Safe, Ride with Pride and Style – Just Ride!” – Barrel Motors

The uprising in electric motorcycle usage is largely thanks to government policy, which has regulated the pricing of electric motorcycles while placing limits on imports of gasoline-powered motorcycles. Due to pricing policy, electric motorcycles have been becoming more affordable than gasoline-powered motorcycles for years and have helped electric two-wheelers become a dominant form of transportation in the country.

Top Benefits of Having an Electric Motorbike

There are benefits entailed by having electric bikes, which help passionate riders have a hassle-free relationship with the mechanized machine.

  1. Environmentally-Friendly

The major advantage of electric motorcycles is the fact that they use limited non-renewable fuel and do not pump out many harmful emissions. They are designed to go easier on the environment and reduce your carbon footprint.

  1. Less Expenditure

Electric motorcycles have higher sticker prices than their gas counterparts do but they are more cost-effective in the end. A rider will save a lot of money by not needing fuel fill-ups. Apart from this, some governments are working to provide special incentive programs on their purchase price and taxes. 

  1. Easy Daily Commuting

These bikes are often more lightweight and easier to ride, so you reach your destination feeling upbeat instead of being stressed out. Electric motorcycles are designed with regenerative braking, which means they will recharge the battery while you drive around to your heart’s content.

  1. Less Noise 

Bikers will brag about how much they love the roar of their bikes, but being a concerned citizen, you need to admit that it can increase noise pollution and even end up annoying your neighbors and fellow commuters. 

  1. Low Maintenance

A crucial benefit of electric motorcycles is that they do away with components like air filters, spark plugs, oil, and sometimes even gearboxes and clutches. A few parts to repair and maintain, spending less time and money on service and repairs. Even the brake pads on electric motorbikes last longer because the machine does a lot of the braking. That means you get more fun and less hassle from your new bike. 

  1. Instant Torque 

They are engineered to be fast and hold the Pikes Peak hill climb record, not only for bikes but also for cars, due to instant torque that provides rapid acceleration. The power delivery is so smooth that you do not even get the surge feeling that you get when you accelerate on traditional bikes. 

To briefly conclude, electric two-wheelers can make urban transportation more sustainable. If India is to decrease transport-related carbon dioxide emissions, urban noise and air pollution, and inner city traffic, policymakers should consider supporting electric two-wheelers.


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