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  • 2 Ola owners cross 200km range on a single charge, the company gifted a new special edition “Gerua” electric scooter to the owner
  • Bhavish announces 10 more e-scooters for its Ola S1 Pro Owner, who reach the 200km/single charge milestone 


The company’s CEO gifted the owner of the S1 Pro a new electric scooter, which crosses a distance of 200 km on a single charge.

After the release of the new MoveOS 2.0, now Ola Electric has good news, an owner of Ola S1 Pro recently posted that it achieved a range of 202km on a single charge after upgrading to the new MoovOS 2.0.

The Ola scooter’s owner Karthik announced on Twitter that he has covered 202 km on a single charge. He said that he used the scooter in ECO mode and drove it evenly on city roads as well as on the highway.

And yesterday, another Ola e-scooter owner Santosh took to Twitter to announce that he has covered 205 km on a single charge. He said that he used the scooter in 1.0.16 with normal mode, and set a new target.

And in response, Ola Electric CEO Bhavish Aggarwal has announced on Twitter that the company will be gifting the first of its 10 owners 10 new Editon of the e-scooter (in Gerua Color Option).

he wrote on Twitter “Looking at the excitement, we’ll give a free Gerua scooter to 10 more customers who cross 200km range in a single charge! We have 2 who’ve crossed, one each on MoveOS 2 and 1.0.16. So anyone can achieve!

Will host the winners at the Futurefactory in June to take their delivery!”



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