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Ola Electric Experience Centres Across India 

Ola Electric in an unparalleled move on Sunday inaugurated 50 Ola Electric Experience Centres across India in cities like Mumbai, Lucknow, Varanasi, Bengaluru, Visakhapatnam, Nagpur, Hoshangabad, Jodhpur, and many such prime locations.

The best part of this ceremony was the customers were the main focus of the event and eventually, they led the ribbon-cutting ceremony. This shows Ola’s commitment to serving the general public. Currently, Ola has over 500 Experience Centres in India that are helping people daily.

Role of Ola’s Experience Centres?

The ola Experience Centres allow customers to get a first-hand experience with the new products of Ola and get their vehicles tested in case of mishandling or technical errors.

Not only this, but you can also enjoy various deals and exchange offers on ola scooter parts. You can even finance your electric scooter at these centers. Since Ola has got shaken hands with various financing companies that allow customers to avail of low-interest loans.

After registering such a huge victory with the expansion of Ola ola Experience Centres, customers are expecting that they will witness the same revolution with Ola Hypercharging network stations.

What are Hypercharging Stations?


Hyper charging stations are those that charge EVs within minutes and make them ready to hit the road as early as possible.

How to Use Hypercharging 

Now you must have a common question, as to how to use the hyper charging station of Ola Electric.

  1. Locate the charging station using your scooter dashboard or Ola electric application
  2. Once you have reached, upon the arrival at the charging station, get the empty charging port and plug in the charging socket into the scooter.
  3. Upon successful connection, the charging process will commence and the scooter dashboard will display the ‘Hypercharging’ screen, along with an estimated time for the vehicle to reach 70% charge.
  4. To stop the process, kindly press the “Stop Charging button” on the scooter’s dashboard. Upon stopping you’ll see “Unplug the charger now.”
  5. Finally, unplug the charger and you are good to go.


Q.1 What is the use of ola Experience Centres?

Ans. These centers serve as a one-stop shop for customers to book rides, test drive electric vehicles, and explore various mobility solutions offered by Ola.

Q.2 How many Ola Experience Centres are there? 

Ans. Currently, Ola has over 500 Experience Centres in India that are helping people daily.

Q.3 Which OS is required to function hyper-charging on Ola scooters?

Ans. To charge the Ola electric scooter, you need to MOVE OS3. Hypercharging doesn’t function in MOVE OS2.

Q.4 How to find the Ola hyper charging station?

Ans. Users can easily spot the hyper-charging using their scooter dashboard or the Ola Electric application. You can easily make it to the charging station using the GPS function of the Ola electric scooter.

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