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Ola Electric Scooter Washing Guide

We know you love your new electric scooter, as do many people (with their new one) but washing electric with water can be intimidating and raise many questions. Should you really wash an electric scooter with high-pressure water?

Don’t worry, here you will find your answer on how you can keep your electric scooter neat and clean and some washing tips.

First, A Ola Electric Scooter User shared (in a Telegram Group) a guide on ” How to wash ola s1 with a pipe on manual finger assisted high-pressure water?”


  • Cover 2 mic below touchscreen with cello tape
  • Cover speakers and phone pockets with packing tape to prevent water damage and pocket filling with water and drying hassle afterwards.
  • tilt the ola 45° left and right to drain collected water in footrest and inside handlebars
  • Sun Dry for 15 mins after wash and don’t prefer using it for 30 mins let it completely dry.
  • wipe it with a soft microfiber cloth when it is almost dry to remove water stains

But is it okay to wash your electric scooter with high-pressure water? Well, the user manual of Ola Electric says “DO NOT PRESSURE WASH YOUR ELECTRIC SCOOTER”. yes, a high-pressure wash can damage your Electirc Scooter.

Here I have added some points from the Ola Electric Scooter User Manual Guide as a cleaning and washing guide for the electric scooter User-

 Washing and Cleaning Guide-

  • Wash your Electric Scooter Regularly to protect it from the long-term effect of exposure and from exposure that may damage the paint.
  • Always remove substances like oil, grease, brake fluid, or bird droppings as they may corrode the body.
  • Marks on the paint are easy to see after the scooter has been washed. to remove these marks or stains, use cleaning-grade benzene or a Petroleum spirit on a clean cloth or a ball of cotton wool.
  • do not use a high-pressure or steam jet cleaner to wash your scooter or its components. doing so may damage your scooter paints or components.
  • Do not use hands soaps, dish-washing liquids, or glass cleaner fluids. we recommend washing your electric scooter with a water four or two-wheeler washing solution.
  • Before washing, make sure to remove any dirt that might scratch your paints with a low-pressure water spray.
  • User one Sponge to watch the body, and one sponge to clean your wheels and tires.
  • After washing your electric scooter with a cleaning solution, it’s best to wash again using a low-pressure water spray.

Ola Electric Scooter Battery Advice

  • It’s advised to never let your battery’s charge go too low. this may cause damage to the internal components of your ola Electric scooter.

Tyres Washing and cleaning

  • Care- your ola electric scooter with 110/70-R12 tubeless tyres (front and rear). we advise you to always maintain the correct tyre pressure and to always check your tyre pressure using an accurate pressure gauge at room temperature.

Warning: underinflated tyres may lead to loss of control and injury

  • Inspection- Check your tyres regularly for any cuts, distortion or wear and tear. if they seem worn below the TWI (tread wear indicator) mark, they should be replaced immediately.

Punctures tyres-

One punctured, the tubeless tyres may not lose air immediately. but, if you notice any wobbling or vibration, stop and check for a puncture. in case of a puncture, get your tyre repaired, or replaced if it is repairable.

Warning: Never ride with a punctured tyre, even if the puncture has not caused any visible air loss. a punctured tyre can deflate without any notice.

Replacement of tyres

For replacements of tyres, contact the ola Customer support. we will send over a service champion to assist you. tyres are warranted directly by the respective tyre manufacturer. the representatives of the respective manufacturer reserve the right to a final decision in all warranty matters.

 Long-Term Parking Guide

  • if you are planning on parking or strong your scooter for a long duration, here’s what you need to know before doing so.
  • Park your scooter on a flat, covered, well-ventilated, and dry surface. It’s best to now leave your e-scooter in the open for extended periods.
  • Exposure to sunlight, rain, and dust may cause damage to the paint, body panel, aluminum, and anodized parts. it’s best to use a cover to help prevent cracks on the seat and body panels.
  • if your scooter will be unused for more than 3 weeks, make sure to maintain a 50% battery charge.

Ola Electric Scooter User Manual Download Here

Get Complete Electric Scooter User manual guide for User – Download 


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