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Okaya EV is one of the most trustable EV 2-wheeler companies among Indian consumers, because of its collection of electric scooters available at competitive pricing. It became popular among the working class since it offered a variety of features, and impressive specifications, at affordable prices.

Okaya Faast F2T Electric Scooter

In their recent launch, Okaya launched three electric scooters in the market. Okaya Faast F2T is one of them. This post will give you a brief description of this scooter, its features, and whether it is a good buy for you or not.

Look & Design 


The Okaya F2T Electric Scooter is a very sleek-looking, fully-loaded scooter that meets its objective of encouraging electric vehicles without having a dramatic impact on consumers.

Color Options 

It is available in 6 color variants, ranging:


  • Wintery White.
  • Silky Silver.
  • Grungy Greeny.
  • Groovy Grey.
  • Cattt Cyan.
  • Boldy Black.



Mileage 70-80km/charge
Top speed 70 km/h
Motor type and power 1200w
peak power 2000w
Breaks type Drum breaks both front and rear
Battery 2.2 kWh LFP
warranty 3 years on major components and 1 year on converter and wiring harness
price 88,999 showroom price


It has a portable battery type that fits under the seat. Its battery has a power of 70 v 30 ah and 2.2 kWh. The battery’s full charge is expected to cost 25 rupees. The battery is constructed of lithium ferrous phosphate (LFP), which is thought to be the safest EV battery composition. The best part about Okaya is that they manufacture their own batteries.

It contains a waterproof bloc hub-type motor, making it ideal for usage on a daily basis.


The ex-showroom price of this scooter is Rs84,999 and after including all the necessary
expenses, its on-road price is 88,444.



Regenerative charging, reverse gear, tubeless wheels made of 12-inch alloy rims, and a three-speed mode that operates like the gears in non-EV cars are some of this scooter’s other remarkable features.

The combination of features like keyless entry and an anti-theft alarm, which are often found in cars, makes this scooter stand out from other electric scooters. In addition, Okaya offers a 1-year warranty on wiring harnesses and converters, something that other companies do not.


In my opinion, if you want to bring a change in the environment by switching to electric vehicles and don’t want to sacrifice your needs in terms of compatibility with a scooter then this is the scooter for you.  Due to its Range, it can be utilized for a variety of tasks, such as routine office tasks or any other logistical work. It will be a sustained investment for you.

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