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Hyundai Motor showcased its cutting-edge smart mobility solutions and alternative fuel technology at the Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024. At the expo, Hyundai prominently featured the Nexo fuel cell EV, powered by hydrogen fuel, as a testament to its commitment to alternative fuel technology. The Nexo exemplified Hyundai’s vision for eco-friendly vehicles, with plans to allow visitors to experience these innovations firsthand, offering a closer look at the brand’s future technology.

Despite the vehicle not being officially launched yet, anticipated specifications from the website offer insights into its capabilities. However, it’s essential to note that these specifications and features are subject to change, and accurate information will be available once the vehicle hits the roads in India.

Nexo Specifications and Features

 With an expected driving range of 666 kilometers (WLTP) and a claim to the best fuel cell efficiency globally, the Nexo represents Hyundai’s dedication to advanced eco-friendly vehicle development. Its aerodynamic design, highlighted by streamlined exterior features, not only enhances fuel economy but also reduces air resistance. The vehicle’s interior boasts a 12.3″ widescreen display, advanced connectivity features, and a spacious cargo capacity of 461 liters (VDA). Hyundai emphasizes the Nexo’s zero tailpipe emissions and its positive impact on air quality as it filters and purifies the air during operation.

Innovative Air Purification and Connectivity Features 

The Nexo’s air filter, designed to cater to the fuel cell stack’s need for purified air, not only improves air quality by removing micro-particulates but also expels unused air. The vehicle’s touchscreen displays the achieved air purification and CO2 reduction. Equipped with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™, the Nexo ensures an interactive and connected driving experience. The 12.3″ widescreen serves as a hub for navigation, energy consumption, infotainment, and climate controls.

Efficient Design for Optimal Performance

Hyundai meticulously designed the Nexo to combine beauty with efficiency, reducing the overall drag coefficient and enhancing fuel economy. The long rear spoiler, hidden wiper, and wide sunroof contribute to improved aerodynamics. The vehicle’s interior, inspired by user-centric design, features a bridge-type center console for convenient and safe operation while driving. With the Nexo’s boot capacity of 461 liters (VDA), it provides ample storage space, expanding to a roomy 1466 liters with the seats folded flat. 


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