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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/mg-cyberster-ev-concept-specification-top-features/MG Motors publicly revealed its new electric sports car concept MG Cyberster at the Shanghai Motor Show on April 21, 2021. In this Auto show, the designs are revealed along with the MG Cyberster Specification & top features.

The Cyberster was designed by MG Automobiles by the team at the MG Advanced Design Center in London. Which is like a two-door, two-seater EV sports car that includes an interactive gaming cockpit and new high-tech features along with 5G connectivity. 

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MG Cyberster Price & launch date

MG Cyberster was revealed in April 2021 but till now no leak has come to the fore regarding its launch and price.

 Cyberster EV Concept Specification

Range 800 KM ( 500 miles)
Acceleration0-100km/h (0-62mph) in just 3 second.
Body design

 Power & performance

The aerodynamic design of the MG Cyberster enhances the performance of the car. While the intelligent all-electric architecture system of this car gives the car a maximum range of 800 km. Apart from this, if we talk about the speed of Cyberster, then this car can complete the speed of 0-100 km in just 3 seconds.

MG Cyberster EV Concept Top features

  • Classic Round MG headlights

Classic round MG headlights:- A slim grille design, along with interactive ‘Magic Eye’ headlights that open when switched on.

  • Laser Belt

Laser belt:- LED strip down the side of the car and the outline of the door.

  • A powerful Sports Electric Car Profile

Powerful sports car profile:- Distinct two-stage shoulder line, with a flattened ‘Kamm tail’ rear, accentuated by unusual ‘hacker blade’ alloy wheels. The tail lamps are of LED construction and are integrated flat into the rear of the car, projecting a digital image that echoes MG’s British heritage.

  • Display & instrument cluster

‘Display & instrument cluster:- The center of the car’s front dashboard is equipped with a display for vital vehicle information and navigation, and a sizable LED instrument cluster for the driver, indicating the car’s battery and speed.

  • MG’s ‘Zero Gravity seats

MG’s ‘Zero Gravity seats:- Floating head restraints and door panels and red leather handles that reflect the ‘laser belt’ that runs down the car’s exterior.

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