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Mahindra e-Alfa Super Electric Rickshaw 

Mahindra Last Mile Mobility has launched the e-Alfa Super, a new addition to its electric 3-wheeler line-up Mahindra e-Alfa. This new e-rickshaw aims at being the most viable self-employment option for driving partners with its higher range, best-in-class safety and comfort features along with the reliability of its brand.

Mahindra LMM has a wide range of three and four-wheeler passenger and cargo electric vehicles. It aims at delivering high-quality and advanced last-mile mobility in India.


The Mahindra e-Alfa Super is priced at Rs. 1.61 lakh ex-showroom and will be available depending on the local government’s approval for electric 3Ws in that particular state.

Battery and Motor https://e-vehicleinfo.com/mahindra-launched-the-e-alfa-super-electric-rickshaw/

The e-Alfa Super has a 140 Ah lead-acid battery and an electric BLDC motor that generates a peak power of 1.64 kW and a maximum torque of 22 Nm.

Fast charging 

The E3W has a superior 18 A charger that comes with a 12-month warranty and is equipped with fast charging technology. Thus, allowing buyers to minimize downtime and maximize their productivity.

Range and Top Speed 


It has a top speed of 25 km per hour and a certified range of more than 95 kms on a single charge attained through extensive driving validations by Mahindra, which is 20% longer than that of its predecessor.

A higher range enables higher operating time which could directly translate into higher earnings and maximize profits. It also ensures less frequent charging as well, increasing the longevity of its electric powertrain.



The electric rickshaw has a seating capacity of one driver plus 4 passengers. It has a length of 2780 mm, a width of 995 mm, and a height of 1794 mm. It features a longer wheelbase of 2168 mm and a higher ground clearance of 138 mm. It has a GVW capacity of 792 kgs and a kerb weight of 412 kgs.


The Mahindra e-Alfa Super boasts best-in-class safety features, including an advanced braking system and roof-mounted grab handles. It has a strong metal body along with a longer wheelbase and higher ground clearance which provides better safety.


Mahindra provides a warranty of one year on the EV ensuring comprehensive coverage. The battery has an 18-month warranty which guarantees reliability and customer satisfaction. Also, Mahindra has more than 1150 Mahindra touchpoints throughout India where the EV can be serviced.

Mahindra is also offering free accidental insurance worth Rs.10 lakh for the driver upon purchasing the vehicle, ensuring the safety and security of its customers.


The Mahindra e-Alfa Super is a practical option for drivers seeking self-employment, due to its increased range, exceptional safety protocols, and improved comfort features.

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