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KM5000 Electric Bike

The electric two-wheeler manufacturer, Kabira Mobility revealed on Friday that it will launch its new electric bike, the KM5000. The electric bike, KM 5000 is all set to become India’s fastest and longest-riding electric bike. With several innovative features from the recent technological changes in the electric two-wheeler industry, the launch of this electric bike will revolutionize the electric bike market in the Indian subcontinent.


The price of the electric bike is expected to begin from Rs. 3.15 lakhs. Which makes it one of the most expensive electric bikes in India. This is the ex-showroom price from Goa. The company has revealed the launch of the cruiser electric bike recently through its social media pages.

Range And Speed 

This new electric bike, KM 5000 will be India’s first ever single swing arm design bike. The electric bike is capable of having the greatest speed of 188 km/hour. And, with a one-time charge, it can cover a range of 344 km.

Charging Capacity

KM 5000 will be having two types of charging choices. One of them is a high-speed boost charger which can charge the electric bike from 0 to 80 % in less than two hours. Another charger is the regular charger for charging overnight.

Launch and Delivery 

According to the company, they will launch this electric bike this year. Apart from this, this information is also coming out that the company can start the delivery of this electric cruiser bike from next year i.e. 2024.

Other Electric Bikes from Kabira Mobility

Previously, the company, Kabira Mobility had already launched two other electric bikes, .i.e the KM3000 and KM4000 in February 2021.


It has a range of 150 km and a greatest speed of 120 km/hour. The rated motor power of the electric bike is 4000 W and the maximum motor power is 8000W. The battery rating of the e-vehicle is 4.6 kWh. And, its charging time is 5 hours.

KM 3000

It has a range of 120 km and a top speed of 100 km/hour. The rated motor power rating of this electric bike is 4000W. The price of this e-bike is Rs. 1,54,500. The electric bike has an aerodynamic design that decreases drag and increases the automobile’s efficiency.

Funding received by the company

Recently, Kabira Mobility got funding of USD 50 million in a series A round funding. And, this funding was received from a Qatar-based AI-Abdullah group, for enhancing the manufacturing infrastructure and sales network of the company.

Words by the Management

The CEO of the company, Mr. Jaibir Siwach told recently in a statement that, “We are constantly increasing the bar of what we can expect from the electric bike industry. KM5000 is a testament to our belief that electric bikes are recently on par, if not even better than their ICE counterparts in terms of performance and safety”.

He also mentioned that the company, Kabira Mobility has many other products also, which will be launched in the Indian market very soon.

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