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Modern problems require modern solutions and thus we are here to introduce an old-world concept that will change your perspective towards electric vehicles and their usage completely. Though this facility is not widely available in India when have we Indian not engineered a new technology and registered strides in the technology arena? On the other hand, America has introduced this concept in their EVs and people are using it to their advantage.

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Why do we need EV Batteries to charge our houses?

According to the Indian government reports, “The power cuts in India ranging from Jammu and Kashmir to Andhra Pradesh, is for 2 hours to 8 hours.” This data is just based on range. Now you must be thinking that we have solar projects going in India at the fullest capacity. But a single solar panel installation in India costs around Rs. 45,000-1,00,000. This isn’t the single factor, because you have to look at the location for proper installation. Moreover, you need a constant supply of sunlight to make it work.

So you don’t need to exhaust yourself with all these details just bring home an electric vehicle and chill with a constant supply of electricity.

Future of charging your house using Electric vehicle in India

The Ford F-150 lighting comes with a huge battery capacity and this adds to the cost of the electric car. The viewpoint of writing this piece is to make the readers aware that if this is a possibility in the USA then India can too achieve it in the years to come.

How can EVs power your house?

Ford is the first example before us that helps in charging the house. This vehicle will revolutionize the Indian truck market with its cutting-edge hybrid F-150, according to Ryan O’Gorman of Ford’s Energy Services Program, “This innovative vehicle not only serves as a powerful generator, with a whopping 11 outlets including a 240-volt outlet, but it also doubled as a life-saving solution during natural disasters like the 2021 ice storm in Texas, where Ford dealers lent out the hybrid F-150s as home generators.”

Ford is now introducing the fully electric F-150 Lightning, which takes things to the next level. With a massive battery pack ranging from 98 kWh to 131 kWh, the Lightning has enough energy to power an Indian home for an impressive three days, or even ten days if rationed. O’Gorman says, “The vehicle boasts an incredible amount of power to effortlessly move such a massive weight down the road at high speeds.”

The Ford F-150 Lightning takes energy independence to the next level, giving Indian homeowners the power to replace their grid with their own trucks!

What is needed to charge your house?

All that’s needed is a mere 80-watt bidirectional charger and a home integration system, which acts as a bridge to connect the truck to the house. And the best part? Sunrun, a leading residential solar installer, has partnered with Ford as the preferred installation partner, although any licensed professional can install the system.

With this innovative setup, the truck becomes the source of power for the house, instead of the other way around. This is truly a game-changer for energy independence, and Ford’s partnership with Sunrun further solidifies its commitment to sustainable living. This exciting new development from Ford is sure to have Indian truck enthusiasts buzzing, and it’s a positive step towards a more sustainable future.

What is the cost of charging your house using an EV

The Ford F-150 Lightning is not just a powerful and efficient truck, it’s also the most cost-effective home battery solution available in India! For a small investment of approximately INR 3.5 Lakhs, including the bidirectional charger (included in premium models), homeowners can enjoy energy independence and reliability. Though, upgrades to home wiring or the addition of an optional solar array may increase the cost slightly.

Despite the nominal cost, the F-150 Lightning packs a punch when it comes to energy storage. With its standard 98 kWh battery, it offers storage capacity equivalent to seven Tesla PowerWalls at half the price per kWh. That means for just slightly over the median car price in India of INR 35 Lakhs, you can own not just a car but also a state-of-the-art home battery system.

Ford’s massive scale, coupled with the surging demand for batteries, has allowed the automaker to secure deals that undercut home battery prices in the Indian market. This is a truly exciting development for energy independence and sustainability, and the Ford F-150 Lightning is leading the charge.

Ford F-150 Lightning in India

The availability of Ford F-150 in India will be available somewhere around 2023 but exact dates cannot be disclosed for now. However, it is good to know that such technology exists around us.

Ford F-150 Lighting competitors 

I am sure after reading this article not only you but Tata Motors and Mahindra will be turning the pages of their designs and technology for their future electric vehicles to be efficient with this state-of-art technology.

Tell us what you think about this technology and do you want to use electricity at your home generated by an Electric vehicle.

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