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The Kei truck and van have served as the backbone of Japan’s infrastructure for decades. In Japan, Honda expects no-frills electric vehicles and this is a great way to get more EVs on the road. This has led to the rising popularity of N-Vans in Japan. Honda’s popular N-Van is the Kei van which offers incredible packaging efficiency.

They help both the metropolises and rural farms haul crops and offer the rugged and ultra-compact commercial vehicles that are widely used in the Japanese country. Along with this, Kei vans are used in urban areas for last-mile delivery runs, but they may even suffice for a day’s work.

In 2018, the N-Van debuted and was designed to be a gasoline-powered vehicle, so battery packaging was limited.

Design and Range

On the passenger side, the design has a pillarless structure, making a huge loading portal possible. It is possible to fit only one seat for the driver while folding the rest of the interior flat in the commercial version of the Van.

As a result of these features, Honda even developed a concept of a camper out of the N-Van that allows it to maximize cargo capacity.

Honda’s N-Van claims 124 miles of cruising range, which should be plenty for daily commutes in Japan.


N-Van is expected to have a starting price, which is just ¥1 million, or just over $7,300. If one takes historical averages into account, the price would be closer to $10,000. People think that a battery-powered electric vehicle with full battery capacity remains incredible at the high price point. The company in order to encourage consumers to choose the EV version of the N-Van, they have deliberately priced it the same as its petrol vehicle.

In spite of this, public opinion may be shifting. As for the Minicab-MiEV, which costs $16,000 and has just 83 miles of range in comparison with the Honda N-Van EV, it has the same range as the Honda N-Van EV.

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