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Honda is the most trusted brand for two-wheelers in India and the number of users keeps on increasing. To align with its global strategy, Honda released a new two-wheeler electric vehicle so that it can launch at least 10 electric two-wheelers globally by 2025. The new electric vehicle made its first entry at an EICMA show in Milan, Italy. EM1 is the first electric two-wheeler of Honda to step foot in the European market.

The company also talked about the strategy behind this name. Let’s find it out in the official statement made by the company. ‘EM’ stands for electric moped and it is targeted at young buyers who want a compact, light, and easy-to-ride urban runabout.

Honda EM1 Electric Scooter Specification

  1. Exterior: The scooter’s boxy and angular form lines give it a far simpler appearance than the contemporary, robotic-looking electric scooters. With a big footboard, an obviously spacious seat, and a rear carrier, it appears that function is more important than aesthetics.
  2. Range: The EM1 is claimed to deliver a range of 40km with a single charge. Additionally, the battery pack is detachable, giving the user the ease of charging it at home. It has a maximum speed cap of 50kmph. This means that the vehicle is developed to cover the short distance with swappable battery technology. 
  3. Additional features: According to Honda, this power pack was made to withstand “various temperatures, humidity levels, collisions, and vibrations.”

Further details are still locked in the box, but we hope to get more updates from the company once the vehicle has passed the necessary regulations and is fit to measure roads. It is hoped that we can see the two-wheeler in India after July 2023. 

Images Honda EM1

https://e-vehicleinfo.com/honda-unveiled-em1-electric-scooter/ https://e-vehicleinfo.com/honda-unveiled-em1-electric-scooter/

https://e-vehicleinfo.com/honda-unveiled-em1-electric-scooter/ https://e-vehicleinfo.com/honda-unveiled-em1-electric-scooter/

Road Ahead

The future of Honda is yet to unveil fully. We hope to see more such e-vehicles by Honda on the road. Honda will launch at least 10 electric bikes and scooters by 2025 and some flex-fuel Vehicles they have already patented a hub motor design in India for their upcoming models.

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