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  • Hero Electric Partners with BOLT to set up 50,000 EV Charging Stations across India 
  • Partnership to curb range anxiety for over 4,50,000 Hero Electric users 

Hero Electric, India’s largest electric two-wheeler company, has partnered with BOLT, India’s largest EV Charging Network, to set up 50,000 EV charging stations in India in the next year. As part of the collaboration, BOLT chargers will be installed in more than 750 Hero Electric touchpoints across India benefitting over 4.5 lakh customers.

Furthermore, around 2,000 Hero Electric riders will avail free of cost BOLT charging units set up at their homes. With rising fuel prices, this tie-up is expected to boost EV adoption and the movement towards carbon-free mobility in India. 

The partnership will help both Hero Electric and BOLT achieve their shared goal of providing a robust, affordable, and accessible EV charging infrastructure to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles in the country.

The BOLT charging network will be leveraged both by Hero Electric’s enterprise partners and EV customers, significantly curbing range anxiety. Additionally, BOLT will be integrated within the Hero Electric App and website, offering a one-stop solution for locating a charging station, booking a slot, and payment.

Post-installation of BOLT charging stations, individuals can choose between private/public mode of operation for their charging stations and decide the price depending on existing commercial/EV tariffs. Moreover, subscription-based plans will be announced for Hero Electric riders to ease their usage.

The BOLT charging network is hardware agnostic and will integrate with any charging solution provider in the country. The BOLT OS comes pre-installed in many EVs and, BOLT’s revolutionary vehicles to charger connectivity (V2C) will enable a seamless fast-like EV charging experience for EV users. 

Hero Electric and BOLT will also be doing a Pilot for IoT tracking solutions for their vehicles. The pilot will also provide Fleet Management and Charging Management solutions to all Hero Electric B2B partners. BOLT will also integrate the BOLT OS-enabled Smart speedometer solution with Hero Electric vehicles, enabling a smarter, secure and connected ecosystem, along with the BOLT Charging Network. 

BOLT is India’s largest EV charging network, comprising the universal BOLT Charging Point and the BOLT Operating System. Developed to build a strong EV charging infrastructure, it is India’s first dedicated network of IoT-enabled EV charging points connecting riders across the country.

Made-in-India, BOLT is a universal charging point that is compatible with any portable charger that comes with EVs and works with the existing AC power supply everywhere. Over 10,000 BOLT charging points have already been installed across 100 different cities in India, with an installed capacity of over 33000KW and 50,000 active users.

BOLT is also on track to deploy 100,000 charging points in the next 6 months across India in response to the overwhelming demand for a safe, reliable, and affordable EV charging infrastructure combined with collaboration with other EV ecosystem players. 

Hero Electric is India’s oldest and largest electric two-wheeler brand. A front runner for Electric Mobility in India for over a decade, Hero Electric is the only EV manufacturer to achieve the 1 lakh sales milestone for FY22.

With over 4.5 lakh vehicles on-road and a wide network of 750+ touchpoints, Hero Electric endeavors to make the country greener with ‘Zero Pollution’ transportation through its wide range of Electric Vehicles, supported by their Mission of “No Emission”.

Hero Electric is a SA 8000 certified organization that is environmentally conscious, socially responsible, and professionally ethical in its business operations.

Supporting Quotes: 

Mr. Sohinder Gill, CEO, Hero Electric 

“We are delighted to partner with BOLT as its charging network will offer affordable charging solutions further, encouraging the switch to electric vehicles. A robust charging network has aided the growth of EVs by curbing range anxiety among riders. Our mission is to enable carbon-free mobility and fasten EV adoption in the country by building a strong charging ecosystem and reskilling mechanics to offer an enhanced EV riding experience. We are positive that this collaboration will broaden our efforts to reach the set objective. This partnership will benefit the industry overall and allow e2W riders easy access to charging stations pan India.” 

Jyoti Ranjan Harichandan, Cofounder, BOLT 

“We are excited to partner with the country’s leading EV brand to fulfill our combined goal of an increased EV adoption across the country by providing EV users with an affordable, accessible, and ubiquitous charging network. This collaboration will help to create a seamless charging experience for lakhs of Hero Electric customers as they can use the existing Hero Electric app and website for discovery, booking, and payment. With having a “Charger on-demand”, range anxiety will be history as we move towards achieving our goal of installing over 1 million charging points over the next 2 years.”


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