Electron Pro, Pro X, and Pro MAX

The Hyderabad-based startup, Electron Motors, came up with a premium and competitive electric scooter lineup in the country called Electron Pro, Pro X, and Pro Max. These electric scooters look elegant and classy and will attract customers who are chasing both elegant looks and superior performance.

One of the major highlighting products is Electron Pro X. Its characteristics are attributed to the torque offered by its rear wheel, which is 260 Nm, probably because even today, not many four-wheelers in India offer such high torque in their engines.

Currently, the biggest name in the Indian electric two-wheeler market, Ola S1 Pro is facing difficulties and chaos, due to the recent outbreak of fire in its models, it is time for Electron Motors to enter the market and make a move. This could be the right time.

As per the information on the company’s official website, Electron Pro X offers a whopping range of 200 Kilometers and is backed up by two removable batteries. The top speed of Pro X is 103 Kilometers per hour. It will scale the Speedometer reading from 0 to 50 in as little as 3.5 seconds. The Motor used is probably offering similar power to that of Ola S1, which is 8kWh. 

Currently, the company offers 3 variants of its Pro lineup of electric scooters in India. The prices of all three models are as follows:

Price, Range, and Battery 

Electron Pro Electron Pro X Electron Pro Max
Price (ex-showroom)1,19,980 INR1,59,997 INR1,79,990 INR
Top Speed 90+ Km/h100+ Km/h100+ Km/h
Range 100+ Km200+ Km200+ Km
Battery Capacity 2.7kWh5.4kWh5.4kWh

If we talk about the front view of all three electric scooters, there is a rectangular auto sensor headlamp, which would automatically be switched on upon Sunset and turned off as soon as the sensor senses daylight. To enhance the efficiency of the drivetrain of this Scooter, two-stage transmission is used. An aluminum swingarm is used which appears very reliable and of well-built quality. 

Electron PRO Price in India

The ex-showroom price available for this Electric Scooter is Price: 1,19,980 INR in India. 

Electron Pro Specification

Range100+ Km
Top speed90+ Km/h
Battery Capacity  2.7kWh
Acceleration 0 to 40 km/h in 3.5 sec.
Motor Capacity 7kW
Motor Type  Mid-drive motor

Electron Pro X Price in India

The ex-showroom price available for this electric scooter is 1,59,997 INR  in India. 

Electron Pro X Specification 

Top Speed10o
Charging Time4-5 HOURS
Max Power (BHP)8500W
Gear Shift AUTO
Start System Self/Push Button

Electron PRO Max Price in India

The ex-showroom price available for this Electric Scooter is Price: 1,79,990 INR in India. 

Electric Pro Specification

Range200+ Km
Top speed100+ Km/h
Battery Capacity  5.4kWh
Acceleration 0 to 40 km/h in 2.5 sec.
Motor Capacity 9.6kW
Motor Type  Mid-drive motor

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  1. Informative article. When it is launching in hyderabad and where will be the showroom to buy this bike. Eagerly waiting to buy.

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