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Best Electric Scooter with Removable Battery

The sales of electric vehicles in India are growing rapidly and especially in the electric two-wheelers Sector. The electric scooter is the first mode of transport and is used regularly by Indians. The main problem with EVs is the range, isn’t it? 

India has been manufacturing a lot of two-wheel electric scooters recently. Electric power should replace gasoline scooters to make the future better and greener. Given the problems with electric two-wheelers, it is necessary for businesses that make electric mobility products to concentrate on enhancing the electric scooter market with new ideas. One of these innovations is the use of technology that helps with the removable batteries of electric scooters. Companies are now making batteries that can be removed and can be charged anywhere so that electric scooters can be charged quickly.

so here is the list of the top 5 Electric Scooter that comes with Removable Battery technology. An electric scooter with a removable battery is another advantage to saving your time while charging an electric scooter from the EV charging station.

Following is the list of Best Electric Scooters with Removable Battery / Detachable batteries: 

Raft Indus NX E-Scooter

Raft https://e-vehicleinfo.com/electric-scooter-with-removable-battery/NX

A permanent 48v 135 Ah lithium-ion battery pack and a removable 48v 65ah battery pack are included with the Raft Indus NX. The fixed battery is under the footboard, while the removable battery is beneath the seat.

The user will also be given some boot space for the charger.

The scooter has a range of 325 km with a fixed battery pack and 155 km with a detachable battery pack, giving a total range of 480 km, which is the longest range of any electric scooter. Wit a load of 75 kg and a top speed of 40-45 kmph, the range of the Rough Indus NX was tested.

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Hero Vida V1


The Hero Vida V1 is the first electric scooter manufactured by Hero Motocorp. It is also one of the newest electric scooters on the market. This electric scooter is priced at Rs. 1,19,900. There are two models from the Hero Vida company: the Vida V1 Pro and the Vida V1 Plus. The battery of the Vida V1 Plus is rated at 3.44 kWh, and that of the Vida V1 Pro is 3.94 kWh. The batteries of both electric scooters are Removable. The range of the Vida V1 Pro is 143 km, but that of the Vida V1 Plus is 165 km. Both electric scooters have a touchscreen instrument system that displays a lot of features. There are three modes of riding on these scooters: Eco, Ride, and Sports.

Okinawa i-Praise Plus 


Okinawa Autotech Private Limited is a Haryana-based electric two-wheeler manufacturer. The company produces 90,000 units in a year. Okinawa recently released its new futuristic electric scooter, the Okinawa i-Praise Plus, which comes with a 3-year battery warranty and a 3-year or 30,000 km (whichever is earlier) electric motor warranty. The Okinawa i-Praise Plus, priced at Rs. 1,45,965, comes with a 3.3 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that can be removed that provides a range of up to 139 kilometers

On a single charge, the Okinawa i-Praise Plus has a 3.3 kWh lithium-ion detachable battery pack. This electric scooter’s battery takes 4-5 hours to charge and includes a microcharger with an auto-cut function. 

Simple One


The IDC range of a simple electric scooter is 236 kilometers, but the true range in eco mode is 203 kilometers.

Simple Energy has introduced an electric scooter that exceeds all other electric scooters in India in terms of range. Charging the permanent battery takes 2.75 hours while charging the removable battery pack takes 75 minutes.

The battery pack has a total capacity of 4.8 kWh, with a 3.3 kWh unit fixed (under the footboard) and a 1.5 kWh removable battery pack and stored in the boot. Using the Simple Loop fast-charging network, a 60-second charge will give the Simple One a range of 2.5 kilometers. The portable battery pack takes 75 minutes to charge, but the built-in battery takes 2.75 hours. With the Simple Loop fast-charging technique, the Simple One can go 2.5 miles prior to recharging. The cost of the Simple One electric scooter begins at Rs. 1.09 lakh and is there till Rs. 1.44 lakh.

Hero Optima CX


The electric scooter comes with a good power battery with a charging time of 4-5 hours on a full charge. The range of the electric scooter is 82 km/cc. Its top speed is 45 km/hour. The Hero Optima CX also has other features like regen braking, a USB port, alloy wheels, and a portable battery system. The price of the electric vehicle is Rs. 67,190.

iVOOMi Energy JeetX


Electric scooters made by iVOOMi Energy are priced at Rs. 99,999. And the company is located in Pune. The company just released the JeetX180, an electric scooter that can go over 180 kilometers in sports mode and over 200 kilometers in eco mode on Indian terrain. With the JeetX, iVOOMi Energy has a setup with two batteries that can be switched out. This setting can be used with the other electric scooters manufactured by the company, like the iVOOMi S1 and other low-speed models. Every e-scooter from the company has two batteries that can be exchanged, making it the first company in India to be able to do so. They provide a 3-year guarantee with the electric scooter. The range of this electric scooter is 115 km, and it has a motor rated at 1800 W.


After reading this article, you might have gained much knowledge about electric scooters with Removable batteries in the Indian market. Electric scooters with Removable batteries are more efficient than electric vehicles with unswappable batteries. Electric scooters with Removable batteries are better, and they are the future.

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