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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/electric-car-vs-cng-car-vs-hydrogen-car/A decade or two ago, who would have thought that one could drive a car without petrol and diesel? However, technological advances made it possible for companies to introduce affordable “electric, CNG, and hydrogen cars” to the public at large.

The demand for these alternatives to high carbon emission alternatives has seen an increase as people in the country have started considering the impact of climate on human life and the depletion of resources.

But what are these cars? How are they different from each other compared to their running costs?

Electric cars work on rechargeable batteries instead of an engine. The car can be charged using charging stations installed by the company in different locations. The CNG cars work on compressed natural gas instead of liquified natural gas. In the end, the Hydrogen cars use motive powers to function.

Source: WRI India

The technology of all three cars is different from the other and when it comes to the cost of running. Rising fuel prices for ICE cars have forced people to consider or explore different options, due to which the sales of Electric and CNG cars increased from around 12000-13000 per year to a minimum of 40,000 per year. The sales of CNG cars in particular witnessed a growth of 56% during the last quarter of FY 2021.

Electic Car Vs CNG Cars- Running Cost Comparison?

Basis  Electric Cars  CNG Car  
Cost Of Purchase  The electric cars’ Prices start from 12lakhs in IndiaThe CNG cars Prices start from ₹5-9 Lakhs in India. 
Maintenance Cost  The maintenance cost of an electric car is comparatively much lower.  The maintenance cost is higher for a CNG car.  
CO2 (Emission level) Electric cars have zero-emission levels as it functions on batteries rather than on combustion engines.The emission is higher or more than the electric vehicles.  
Average Range  The electric car covers a distance of 300-500 km on a single charge.A CNG car covers a distance of 20-25 km per kilogram.
Running Cost  Varies from ₹1-₹2/ Kms  Varies from ₹2-₹3/Kms 

CNG Cars and Electric cars have been around for many years. However, it was recent that companies like Hyundai Motor, Tata Motors, and Maruti Suzuki witnessed a spike in the sales of such cars when people realized the consequences of depending on fuel-based cars during the pandemic.


In the near future i.e. in the year 2025/2030, we will see a huge leap from automakers to adopt e-mobility. The main reason for this will be the strict and high CO2 standards set by the authorities for climate impacts.

As we saw the difference between the running cost of a CNG car and an electric car, the hydrogen car model has also started attracting the attention of customers due to the many advantages compared to the combustion engine.

Let’s take a look at that:

Hydrogen Car Running Range & Running Cost?

Basis  Hydrogen Cars 
Emission  The hydrogen car’s output is in the form of water vapour.  
Resources  The availability of hydrogen is easy and is in infinite quantity via electrolysis. 
Range  Hydrogen cars provide a range of up to 400-600 Kms.  
Refueling  It takes 3-5 minutes to refuel a hydrogen car.  
Noise  One of the biggest advantages of having a hydrogen car is no noise and pollution while driving.

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As market experts predict, high-tech developments and rapid scientific research and development will transform the process of charging cars and accidents. At the end of the decade, changes in the invention would favor these fuel-based car alternatives.

Various companies in the electric vehicle industry are coming forward to capture the largest share in the market. Hence, the times ahead will be challenging for the consumer as compared to the past when they will have a plethora of options to choose from with promising features and viable prices.


  1. Hydrogen seems promising but technology seems to be in the early stage and mass Commercialisation feasibility is still to be explored. The capability for mass customization and technology deployment at a retail customer level still needs review

    Good to know more as to who has gone ahead

  2. हाइड्रोजन कार में क्या कोई ऐसा इंजन लगा होगा जो पानी को हॉड्रोजेन और ऑक्सीजन में बदल दे और उसी हॉड्रोजेन को ईंधन के रूप में प्रयोग किया जा सके,?ताकि हर ब्यक्ति नार्मल पानी या डिस्टिल वाटर का प्रयोग कर ले ?


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