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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/electric-auto-rickshaw-manufacturers/In India, many EV startups are working on electric auto-rickshaws to make it cost-effective for buyers and commuters alike. here are the Top 7 Electric Auto Rickshaw Manufacturers in India

Electric rickshaws run on electric motors that draw power from rechargeable batteries with three wheels. Normal rickshaws run on mechanical energy which uses fuel to travel whereas electric rickshaws run on electricity.

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Introduction to EV and its Environment Impact

We see that our air is polluted everywhere and about 91% of people breathe dangerous air. India ranks third in terms of air pollution and 7 out of the 10 most polluted cities in the world are located in the country.

India is experiencing rapid urbanization resulting in an increase in the need for transportation for daily commute. A country with such a population uses millions of private and public vehicles which pollute the environment.

Vehicles use fossil fuels that emit a lot of carbon dioxide and other dangerous gases into the air, which not only affects the environment but also human health. We have to think about our environment and maintain the flora of the environment.

Air pollution due to fuel combustion engines is increasing day by day. Electric rickshaws are eco-friendly which also reduce noise pollution.

Top 7 Electric Auto Rickshaw Manufacturers

Top 7 Electric Rickshaw with their top speed – Mayuri E-Rickshaw, Jeza Motors, Udan Vehicle, Thukral E-Rickshaw, Electric E-Rickshaw, Big Bull E-Rickshaw, Queen E-Rickshaw with their details and features like Battery Capacity, Charging Time, and Speed Capacity is given below.

Mayuri E-Rickshaw

Mayuri Pro

Mayuri E-Rickshaw was the first e-rickshaw inaugurated by Mr.Nithin Gadkari. It has a brushless DC motor that can produce a maximum power of thousand watts.

Mayuri Pro

this e-rickshaw can be charged completely within 7 to 8 hours. It can give a speed of twenty-five kilometers per hour(25kmph). The E-Rickshaw has a unit where 288 new electric rickshaws are manufactured every day. 

The compnay offer diffrent model like-

  • Mayuri Grand
  • Mayuri Grand plus
  • Mayuri Delux plus
  • Mayuri Delux e-rickshaw

Mahindra Electric Motors

Mahindra Electric Motors

Mahindra has launched an all-electric-powered e-Alfa Mini rickshaw in India. It has a 4+1 seating space, it could bring five passengers at a time. It is presented to be had withinside the Delhi-NCR vicinity and could quickly be brought in Lucknow and Kolkata. It’s high-quality appropriate for last-mile connectivity.


It is to be had in the black and purple shade with a motor-powered with the aid of using a 120Ah battery which offers a number eighty-five km on with a pinnacle pace of 25 km/h. Mahindra is offering a 2-12 months guarantee and imparting a one-time unfastened battery replacement.

Jezza Motors


Jezza Motors is owned by young entrepreneurs and is a brand of Vani Electric vehicles. The company was started in the year 2014.


the company is having a charger named SMPS AXIOM with a battery of ER100 and a 1000watt motor and alloy wheels.

The Company Offers different models like:

  • J1000
  • Super J1000

Udaan Electric Rickshaws

Udaan Electric Rickshaws

Udaan Vehicles is the Leading E Rickshaw Manufacturer, We are involved in providing an extensive series of Passenger Yellow E Rickshaws that meets customers’ demand.

In addition, the product is rigorously tested on well-defined quality parameters to ensure its performance. The company was started in 2015. It is equipped with a lot of features like a battery of 1000 watts and can travel 75 to 120 kilometers per hour.

MAX Power1410 Watt
Range75 – 125 Kms
Body Weight214 Kgs
Controller48V 24 Mosfets
Motor1000W Water Resistant
Seating Capacity4+1
Tyres3.75 X 12 And 90-90/12
Wheel Base2350mm

  Thukral E-Rickshaw

  Thukral E-Rickshaw


Thukral e-rickshaw is equipped with 1400 watts motor and 130Ah battery. It can be completely charged just within four hours. It can travel for 75 km. 

The Company offers different models like

  • Thukral ER 1
  • Thukral grand
  • Thukral DLX

Vidhyuth E-rickshaw


Vidhyuth is approved by the government of India(G0I). It is categorized under the top LG company in India. It has features like lead-acid(Pb) batteries with a range of 6 to 12 volts and lithium-ion batteries with a range of 60 volts. It has a 1.2KW brushless DC Motor with a peak power of 2.5KW.

Big bull Electric Rickshaw

Big bull Electric Rickshaw

Big Bull E Rickshaw is one of the leading e rickshaw manufacturer companies in India. States like Bihar, Assam, Jharkhand, West Bengal have big bull e-rickshaw units.

Big Bull B1 Electric Rickshaw

This big bull electric auto rickshaw has features like a 750-watt motor, it can travel a distance of 50 to 60 km. Its capacity is 25 km.

The company offers various models like-

  • E-Rickshaw Eco
  • E-Rickshaw-B1
  • E-Rickshaw-B2
  • E-Rickshaw-B3

Queen E-Rickshaw

Queen Electric Rickshaw
Queen Electric Rickshaw

Queen Electric Rickshaw

purposes in India to take their passengers to their destinations. It is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Four Seater Electric Rickshaw.

The company has a 1000 W battery and it can give a speed of 30 km / h. It can be fully charged within four to six hours and can accommodate around 4 to 6 passengers at a time.

Seating Capacity4P + D
Dimensions – Length*Width*Height – mm2758mm * 1000mm * 1730mm
Dimension (Back Panel) – mmNA
Wheel Size3“x12”, 6PR
Vehicle Kerb Weight – Kg273Kg
Gross Vehicle Weight673Kg
Top Speed25 kmph
Motor Power1kW
Motor TypeBLDC Motor
Battery TypeLead Acid / Li-Ion
Battery Capacity70 Ah – 110 Ah
Range80KM – 120 KM
Charger48V, CCCV-SMPS
Transmission TypeDirect Drive
Suspension(Front & Rear)Telescopic shock absorber & Leaf Spring
BrakesMechanical Drum brake
Maximum Braking Distance2m
Roof TypeHard Top

Kinetic Green Auto Rickshaw Manufacturer

Kinetic Green Auto Rickshaw Manufacturer
Kinetic Safar E-Auto

Kinetic Green’s imaginative and retrospective is to create well-maintained, low-cost answers that maintain their objectives of providing clean, uncluttered, inexhaustible mobility to the surroundings.

Kinetic Safar E-Auto

Kinetic Green’s product, the Kinetic Safar E-Auto with water-proof fabric, most of the variety is eighty km, carrying four people at a time. The motor energy is one thousand W and it costs Rs. 1.48 lakh in India

Baba E-Rickshaw Manufacturers

Baba E-Rickshaw Manufacturers
Baba Electric Rickshaw

Baba E-Rickshaw is one of the leading manufacturers, exporters of eco-pleasant battery-operated vehicles.

Baba Electric Rickshaw

It has a strong team of the technical and professional workforce. In striving to create the best E-Rickshaw and E-Cart with brand new technology. The I-CAT-approved e-rickshaw has a motor power of 1170 watts, with a battery voltage of 12V, it will take 8-10 hours to charge. It can be loaded up to 500kg.

With this, we have ended up with the top 7 electric auto rickshaw manufacturers in India. The idea itself is very innovative.


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