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Eco Planet EP 13 Electric Bike

The Eco Planet has pushed the boundaries of cutting-edge design to offer EVs that are environmentally friendly without sacrificing the style, speed, and range of its Eco Planet EP 13 Electric Bike. 

Krunal Nanavati is the founder and CEO of Eco Planet, a reputable electric dealer business that was founded in 2013. He worked on an electric motorbike for his final year project and represented Tork India in the world’s first-ever electric motorcycle race on the Isle of Man, UK. His team finished third in the open class at the 2009 TTX-GP.

Price in India

PriceStarts from 11 Lakh INR


Range 250 km/ Charge
Top Speed 170 kmph
Acceleration (0-100kmph)3.5 seconds

The Eco Planet EP 13 Electric motorcycle comes with an astonishing range of 250km/charge and a top speed of 17-kmph. The battery life of the bike of 3 Lakh KMS and can take 2-3 hours to get fully charged.

The Eco Planet EP 13 has an IP65 standard rating which indicated that it is both Water-resistant and Fire Proof. The weight of the bike is 187Kgs.  This electric bike can also save up to 1.5 metric tonnes of carbon emissions per 10,000Kms as compared to an IC-powered vehicle.

The Eco Planet EP 13 has a High-Performance 60KW permanent-magnet DC Motor with a peak torque of 120Nm.  The Eco Planet EP 13 Motorcycle will be equipped with a simple and lightweight wire that can be plugged into any standard household outlet.

The Charge Tank attachment will be available for  EP 13 for quicker charging on the move. It virtually triples the pace of onboard charging, allowing the battery pack to be recharged in as little as 2-3 hours.

For each hour of charging time, the outcome will be up to 80 kilometers of riding range. The charger may be plugged into any ordinary home outlet using the included onboard charger and cord.


The motorbike was used with two distinct looks: naked and fully decked with carbon fiber. Both appearances are included in one motorbike and are simple to install and uninstall. Riders will be able to choose between two distinct models in a single motorcycle.

The powertrain of this electric bike is better-cooled thanks to the beautifully contoured bodywork and carbon fiber chin fairing. Black dual spar aircraft-grade aluminum structure that is very durable and lightweight. For enhanced agility and reactivity, it was designed with a low center of gravity. It has a glamorous LED taillight and a sleek headlight.

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