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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/charging-stations-in-india-cost-companies-franchise/A charging station is a station like a petrol pump, set up to charge electric vehicles, It’s Affordable and time-saving – simple! Now, Why we require an Electric charging station? and what is the cost of setting up a charging station and which are the companies that provide the electric charging station franchise in India? So, let’s elaborate

Note: First and foremost, the Government of India has made it clear that setting up EV charging stations in India is a completely unlicensed process across the country (meaning any individual is free to install EV charging), provided that the station meets the standards of the Ministry of Power of India.

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What is EV Charging Stations

An EV charging station is a station or area with a charging port and is designed to handle the power requirements of a plug-in electric vehicle.

An electric vehicle is not just limited to battery electric vehicles (which run only on batteries) that everyone thinks of. This also includes other electric vehicles such as hybrid electric vehicles, whose batteries can be socket-charged.

So, can a charging point become a charging station? Yes, if your power output is high enough and you have enough space to park your vehicles. The vehicle may even be a small cycle. 

Why Setup Electric Charging Stations?

Okay, now that we know what an Electric charging station is. Let us see why we need one- 

One of the major hurdles of mass EV adoption is range anxiety. The doubt looms over a passenger who wishes to go to a distant place. Without a good network of chargers, a long-distance traveler will always doubt the consequences of running out of battery energy.

And not just long-distance travelers, this may be the case for an urban traveler as well. What would she do if the vehicle runs out of energy before reaching her office? These questions are one of the hindrances to mass EV adoption.

To solve this, we might think of using very large batteries. However, this may not be possible to some extent. We may be constrained by weight, cost, and space in the vehicle. 

The next possible solution would be to convince the customer that there are enough charging stations that they can use if they run out of energy anywhere. To do this, one will have to set up a network of chargers spread throughout the country.

Another reason to set up such stations in public is that not all urbanites have enough ports and space to charge all their vehicles overnight. Hence will require charging stations in public. 

EV Charging Stations Companies in India

A charging station can be a great business opportunity and if you are inspired by this post and want to set up a charging station in India. Given below is the list of EV Charging Station companies in India that you contact –

List of EV Charging stations companies in India 

  1. Exicom Power systems | Gurgaon
  2. P2 power solution | Noida
  3. Magneta Group | Navi Mumbai
  4. TATA power | Mumbai
  5. Okaya power group | Delhi
  6. Numocity | Bangalore 
  7. Volttic | Noida
  8. Charge+zone | Vadodara 
  9. ChargeMyGaadi | Delhi
  10. EVQPoint | Bengaluru

Cost of Setting up Electric Charging Stations in India


Now that you have decided to set up a charging station, let’s look at the cost of setting up one. The cost of setting up a charging station can vary hugely. It may cost you from 1 lakh to 10 lakhs. But why is there such a huge difference you may ask?

The cost of a charging station mainly depends on the charging standard used, the power output you want from the charger (or, in other words, how fast you want a battery to get a charge).  

Charger type Output power (KW)Cost of charger
Bharat AC-0013.370,000
Bharat DC-001152,40,000
Type 2 AC 221,25,000
CCS50 14,50,000

Read More: Types of EV Charger & Pricing 

 NPV & IRR of non subsidized PCS vs 100% charger cost subsidized


The charger cost aside, the station has other requirements too. So, you also should consider,

New electricity connection 7,50,000
Civil works 2,50,000
Maintenance 3,50,000
Land lease 6,00,000


Cost Analysis of Electric Charging Station in India

Cost Estimates for a Typical Public Charging Station (PCS)


Revenue Projections from a Typical Public Charging Station (PCS)


Requirements to Setups EV Charging Stations

What do we need to set up a Charging infrastructure? 

  1.     Adequate space for vehicles to park for the duration of charging
  2.     Local certifications.
  3.     Appropriate civil works 
  4.     Proximity to a transformer
  5.     Connection to a renewable source if a transformer is not available 

Any individual/Entity setting up a PCS will need to have the following minimum infrastructure as described in the notification:

Charging Infrastructure (PCI) Minimum Requirements

Charger TypeCharger ConnectorsRated Voltage(V)No. Of Charging Points/No. Of Connector Guns (CG)
Fast ChargingCCS (Min 50 KW)200-10001/1 CG
CHAdeMO (Min 50KW)200-10001/1 CG
Type-2 AC (min 22 KW)380-4801/1 CG
Slow/Moderate ChargingBharat DC-001 (15 KW)72-2001/1 CG
Bharat AC-001 (10 KW)2303/3 CG of 3.3 KW each

EV Charging Stations Franchise in India

Taking Franchise ideas for setting up a charging station in India can be a good option, it can help you get other benefits as well. Franchises can help you set up the charging stations in India and also guide you regarding government compliance.

Following are some EV Charging Stations franchises Companies that help you to set up Charging Stations in India. 

  1.     Charge+Zone | Vadodara 
  2.     Dyna Hi-tech power systems | Navi Mumbai 
  3.     PlugNGo | Noida
  4.     Tata Power | Mumbai
  5.     Statiq | Harayana

Benefits of Setting up Electric Car Charging Stations

What are some of the benefits of setting up charging stations?

  1. The demand for electric vehicles is growing rapidly in India and globally too, India is all set to replace ICE vehicles with EVs in the next coming years. And electric vehicles need charging stations to keep them going. In simple words, setting up charging can be a revenue-generating asset – as is Future Electric.
  2.   Other benefits can be that you can play a vital role in helping the community to go electric by reducing range anxiety by installing charging stations around (in essential areas/metro cities) as range anxiety is one of the major Drawbacks in the global automobile sector.
  3. And you can help India to Go green – and that can be a major benefit to you 🙂

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