Today, I was going to the market on foot. Then I felt lazy and thought of going by bike. How dependent we have become on this, haven’t we? 

As the inventions take place. And I think this is a serious problem in our country. But have you ever wondered how long we will be able to wander? Yes, obviously till the fuel lasts on the earth. But what about then?

Because we are going to run out of it gradually. So, there comes the word “Electric vehicle”. Today they have already started replacing fuel vehicles. It is predicted that electric vehicles will bring remarkable change, especially to an environmental aspect.

So, we can say that electric vehicle development is very much necessary. In this segment, we usually hear the name “TESLA” founded by a very dynamic personality Elon Musk. Because they remain onward in such things. Let us further discuss the future of electric vehicles.

Why Electric Vehicles Required?

Well, we are aware of the greenhouse effect which directly leads to climate change which is mainly due to motor vehicle gas emissions. Harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, and the greenhouse gases nitrous oxide and methane, and post-electric. Secondly, the oil is also going to be empty.

Therefore, EV is the only option left for easy transportation and saving the Environment.

EVs have some advantages like they are eco-friendly, highly efficient, cost-effective, low maintenance, safe to drive, etc.

Is India Ready for Electric Vehicles?

We know the current situation in our country due to this pandemic has seriously harmed our economy. But amid the uncertainties because of the epidemic situation, there is still a ray of hope for electric vehicle manufacturers in boosting the growth of the EVS market.

But Indian electric vehicle revolution has come to halt due to the covid-19 lockdown. The mobility sector is a massive customer base for electric vehicle manufacturers that have been harmed heavily.

However, on the positive side, once lockdown is over, electric vehicle companies need to accelerate their business strategies as per the experts. One of the most renowned automobile biggies – ‘Porsche’ said that “the Development for the electric vehicle market in India has just started”.

Well, the situation in our country is a little different as compared to other countries. Because the Indian auto industry was going through a tough phase before the crisis of this pandemic came. But times will change and that hope was given by Balbir Singh Dhillon, head of Audi India, who said that electric vehicles are already on their way, but the important thing is the market, and it is not a piece of cake, it takes some time to Adopt EVs Infrastructure.

The e-mobility infrastructure is very essential too and requires governmental adequate support for the import of electric vehicles resulting in a beneficiary move. So it can be seen that being one of the top markets across the world all tech giants have been observing the Indian market and its current scenario.

To promote EVs adoption in India Indian government has announced a new policy and initiative. this may help India to adopt

“The intensity of impact will be much sharper in the electric vehicle segment” ~ Sohinder Gill, CEO, Hero electric

Companies to Enter in India

Tesla is focusing on building its factories around the world. They have already spent over 1 billion dollars in Austin, Texas, Brandenburg, and Germany for that and they have finally arrived in India. And many automobile giants have started to make their respective efforts.

surprisingly, the smartphone king apple is also going to kick off electric vehicle cars in the Automobile market. And not only that big companies like Huawei, but Xiaomi are also in the race as per the reports and Samsung will provide chipsets and other electronic equipment like sensors to its partner. So, the consumers will have several choices. And this will boost Business Opportunities in the Electric Vehicles industry for small-scale industries.

Where this comes true is that India’s electric story continues to be dominated by light mobility post-covid-19.

Several key points have to be considered post-electric vehicles market.

Business Opportunities in Electric Vehicles India

  • Public car charging
  • Battery recycling
  • Battery swapping
  • solar electric vehicle charging
  • Home charging stations
  • Manufacturing
  • Dealership
  • Franchise

Public Car Charging

There is a need for conveniently accessible charging points for the charging infrastructure to support the Indian electric vehicle market. Recently, A technical committee met in Hyderabad Post-electric to discuss existing building codes and government regulations to set up charging infrastructure in Telangana.

Because of reliability on such high factors maintenance and repair become priority issues. As per reports, there are one million public charging points in the world and only 0.1% are in India. and this could be a great Business Opportunity to work in EVs Sector. 

Battery Recycling

Well, batteries are engines in EVs. They emit less carbon dioxide but batteries are harder to recycle. Which is composed of cobalt, lithium, and nickel, and mining these raw materials raises ethical and environmental concerns. Lithium-ion batteries are difficult to recycle.

The “Global Battery Alliance” estimates that the battery could cut the carbon industries required by 30% and several aspects have been created by this.

Battery Swapping

It will eliminate wait time for charging, make better use of land, and will give increased available run time and in India, the population increases the travel needs both within between two cities so, this could be a better option.

Solar Electric Vehicle Charging

Solar-based electric vehicles are just around the corner. Solar charging stations for EVS. The combination of charging stations and electric vehicle charging is the key to drastically reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

Home Charging Stations

As per the survey, 60% of Indians do not have their personal vehicle to keep vehicles at home. Electric car drivers choose home charging points to benefit from the faster-charging speed and some safety features as well. So home charging stations are quite useful.


Nowadays, after the U.S. and China conflict and this pandemic, many giant companies have started moving to India to manufacture their respective products. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said that in the next six months, lithium-ion batteries will be manufactured in India and it will become the world’s largest EV manufacturer.

Dealership and Franchise

There are many EVS manufacturing companies in the country like Hero Electric, Tata Motors, Ather Energy, Ashok Leyland, Hyundai Kona Electric, etc. Tesla has also arrived; the demand will get higher & higher since it is automotive so the investments and policies and all that would be bigger but it will take some time to perfectly settle in India.

The electric vehicle industry has not done that much good due to the devastating hit of the covid outbreak. But it will take a huge jump in upcoming years. The EVs will be game-changing in terms of environment, air, noise pollution-free, post-electric, and much more.

on the conclusion “Electric Vehicles are the Future | Go Green Go Electric ” 

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