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Blemot T-34 eUMV

The Blemot T-34 is a highly versatile vehicle with a chassis design featuring universal connection points. This design allows for the maximum transportation of packages, making it an ideal logistics vehicle for last-mile deliveries.

With India’s first three-wheeled vehicle to offer comfortable and adjustable slide-in and slide-out seating solutions, the T-34 boasts an open design and narrow platform that provides a pleasant and ergonomic seating setup for relaxed and safe driving. Additionally, Blemot, one of India’s leading electric vehicle manufacturers, has implemented a disk brake system in the T-34 eUMV, making it stand out from its competitors.

Logistics Vehicle for Last-Mile Deliveries


The T-34 eUMV is a specialty logistics vehicle that offers increased operational performance for businesses by powering last-mile delivery opportunities. The rear cargo box integrates innovative carrying volume and capacity, resulting in a threefold increase in delivery capacity under last-mile operations. The creative cargo box is safe and secured with a lock to prevent theft, making it a safe and hygienic logistics opportunity.

The cargo box is well-suited to avoid contaminations for medical or sensitive logistics such as vaccines, blood, plasma, or food and groceries. Innovative Front Basket Design for Convenient Storage.


The T-34 eUMV’s creative front basket design places storage at your fingertips, so you don’t have to visit the cargo box every time you stop. This feature provides a convenient storage option and reduces the time required for unloading and reloading the cargo box. Customizable Cargo Boxes and Flat-Bed Options Blemot offers customization options for its cargo boxes and a variety of flat-bed possibilities to suit specific logistics requirements. The clever design maximizes the load space available on the platform, providing 1.25m3 of loading capacity, which is the best in class fit for a last-mile vehicle.



  • Blemot T-34 is an L-5 category vehicle that has a payload capacity of 180 kg
  • The vehicle is 85% made in India with a Faridabad production outlay
  • The vehicle comes with adjustable seating areas to cater to a large audience with different heights.
  • The vehicle has three wheels that are accompanied by a hub motor. Thus no power loss and maximum efficiency.
  • Once the vehicle is on a charge, it won’t move
  • Storage Capacity: Front box, Box on the wheels(behind; 1,000 Liters), and then box located near the wheels below the bigger box. The box is customizable and a cooling refrigerator can be installed. https://e-vehicleinfo.com/blemot-t-34-a-versatile-electric-3w-in-l5-category-with-innovative-design/
Battery110Ah li-ion
BrakesAll three vehicles come with disc brake
Top Speed50kmph
Charging Time3-4 hours
BMSThe battery of the vehicle comes with a Can-based BMS that cuts the power automatically.
3 years and 1,000 cycles, whichever is earlier.

This battery is buyable after 3 years.

SuspensionCoil-spring suspension

About Blemot 

Blemot Automobile Technology (BAT), a company based in the National Capital Region, has made waves in the electric vehicle industry by indigenously designing and manufacturing electric utility mobility vehicles (e-UMVs) for various applications, including logistics, municipalities, industrial use, and multi-role 3W L5 category EVs. Established in 2018, the company has set up its headquarters, research and development center, testing center, and production facility in the same region.

Writer’s Remark

The BAT T-34 is a highly versatile vehicle with an innovative design, making it an ideal logistics vehicle for last-mile deliveries. The T-34 eUMV’s rear cargo box integrates smart carrying volume and capacity, and the innovative front basket design provides convenient storage options. Blemot’s customizable cargo boxes and flat-bed options further enhance the vehicle’s suitability for various logistics requirements. With its unique features and capabilities, the T-34 eUMV is set to revolutionize last-mile deliveries in India and beyond.

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