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Electric Two-wheeler Sales Report: May 2023 

According to the sales report of electric vehicles for the month of May 2023, the sales of electric scooters have increased exponentially in May 2023, owing to the government’s plans to decrease the FAME-II subsidy amount. Therefore, people bought many electric scooters before the price increase in Electric scooter. People are also buying electric scooters more and more as the awareness of environmental safety is increasing. And, another reason is that electric scooters are equipped with many fantastic features and functionalities, which are of the modern style and are very useful also. Here is the list of Top best-selling electric scooters in May 2023.

Top Best-Selling Electric Scooters in May 2023

The following table presents a list of the top electric scooters which were sold in large quantities in the month of May 2023.

The company-wise sales data is something like this:

April 2023
May 2023
MOM Growth (%)
Ola Electric218222843830.32
TVS Motor871020253132.53
Ather Energy77141525697.77
Bajaj Auto36969910168.13
Ampere Vehicles8242961816.69
Okaya EV15183875155.27
Okinawa Autotech31682905-8.30
Hero Electric32112109-34.32
Bgauss Auto7721811134.59
Kinetic Green845119941.89


Ola Electric maintains Top Position

Among all other electric scooter-selling companies, Ola Electric continues to maintain the top position as per the sales data of electric scooters in the Indian market. The company has always achieved record-breaking sales of electric scooters in the electric vehicles industry. The company sold 28,438 units of electric scooters in the month of May 2023. Whereas, in the month of April 2023, the company sold 21,822 electric scooters in India. And Ola Electric will start the delivery of Ola S1 Air from month of July which will further boost sales.

Major sales drop out of Hero Electric

The sales of electric scooters from Hero Electric have decreased by more than half in May 2023, from 3,211 units to 2,109 units.

Other companies Performance 

In the month of May 2023, many other companies like TVS, Ather, and Ampere Vehicles have also managed to be in the top positions after Ola Electric. TVS sold 20,253 units of electric scooters, Ather sold 14, 522 units of electric scooters, and Ampere sold 9,618 units of electric scooters.


TVS to Compete with Ola Electric

The automobile company, TVS achieved sales of 20,253 electric scooters in the month of May 2023, and Ola Electric sold 28,438 electric scooters. In the upcoming months, the sales of the electric scooter from TVS, the TVS i-Qube electric can increase beyond the sales of the Ola S1 Pro. Because TVS automobiles have always been one of the first preferences of people in India, for their fuel vehicles. But after the entry of electric vehicles in the automobile industry, Ola Electric has gained much popularity in the EV sector. But, after the launch of the TVS i-Qube ST, the total sales of electric vehicles from the TVS can increase beyond the Ola electric vehicles’ total sales.

Effect of Revise in the FAME – II subsidy policy

As per the recent reports, the Indian government has decided to cut the amount of FAME – II subsidy provided by them to the customers and the electric vehicle manufacturers. Therefore, many people bought electric scooters in the month of May 2023. This led to an increase in the sales data of electric scooters this month. It is also expected that the sales data may decrease in June 2023. The reason behind the expected price rise is that, as the amount of FAME – II subsidies provided to EV manufacturers will be reduced to 15%, then they may increase the prices of the e-vehicles.

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