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Top Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturers in India

Electric vehicle demand is increasing in India due to its low operating (running) cost and due to its eco-friendly nature. In April 2023, more than 1.1 million new EVs (including 2W, 3W, and 4W) have been registered in India according to the Vahan Dashboard data. The success of the electric vehicle depends on the performance of its battery. Presently mainly Li-ion battery is used in EVs due to their unique properties like having high energy & power density, large cycle life, low self-discharge, and support for fast charging as compared to NiCd, lead-acid battery. Li-ion battery with the use of a proper battery management system provides the desired range for EVs.

The lithium-ion battery industry in India has developed a 25% growth over the past years as per economic times report then less revalued at 300 billion dollars. India has a good number of Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturers companies and their contribution is massive by making the Largest number of Lithium-ion batteries for EVs. 

The government is also Giving initiatives for the development of the automobile industry through EV battery manufacturing startups in India.

CATL (China), Panasonic (Japan), BYD (China), LG Chem (South Korea), and Samsung (South Korea) are the major Li-ion battery manufacturer in the world which are primarily supplying batteries for EV manufacturers across the globe including India. But the growth in the sale of solar panels (renewable-based energy source) and EVs in India has attracted domestic companies to manufacture these batteries within the country. And this opportunity has grown much after the discovery of the two lithium reserves (Jammu and Rajasthan) in India.

Here is the list of the top Indian companies manufacturing (or committed to manufacturing in the near future) Li-ion batteries In India:

Top Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturing Companies in India

Sr. No Company  Headquarter
1 Amara Raja Batteries Ltd Tirupati
2 Log9 Materials Bengaluru
3 Exide Kolkata
4 Loom Solar Faridabad
5 TVS Lucas Chennai
6 Ola Bengaluru
7 Okaya New Delhi
8 TDSG Ahmedabad
9 Munoth Industries Limited Chennai
10 HBL Power Systems Ltd Hyderabad

Amara Raja (AMARON)

Headquarter: Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh

Amara Raja, established in 1985 is among India’s leading business conglomerates in which Amara Raja Batteries Limited (ARBL), is the flagship company in the group. ARBL is one of the largest manufacturers of Automotive and Industrial batteries in India. Amara Raja Group employs a workforce of more than 15417 people with a Net revenue of around Rs 11,385 Crores (USD 1.52 billion) during the financial year 2021-22.


ARBL has prestigious original equipment manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki India Limited, Hyundai Motors India Limited, Ford India Limited, Tata Motors Limited, Mahindra and Mahindra Limited, and Honda Cars India Limited. ARBL Industrial and Automotive batteries are exported to 50 countries across the globe. The battery plants are located at Karakambadi (which has three plants) and Amara Raja Growth Corridor (ARGC has four manufacturing plants) in Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, India. ARBL till now mainly involved in manufacturing lead-acid batteries but due to the increasing demand for Li-ion batteries in EVs, it has planned to set Gigafactory.

Recent Activity:

  • Amara Raja Advanced Cell Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (ARACT), a wholly owned subsidiary of ARBL has laid the foundation stone of its first Giga factory at Divitipally in Mahabubnagar district, Telangana. Amara Raja has planned to invest Rs 9500 crore over 10 years for manufacturing of Li-ion batteries in a phased manner. The first phase is for 2-3 years and the company will invest Rs 1,500 crore to Rs 2,000 crore creating fresh for 4500 people. The plant has 16 GWh of capacity for manufacturing lithium cells.

Log9 Materials

Headquarter: Bengaluru

It is a startup from IIT Roorkee, incubated in the year 2015. Log9 focuses on research and development and has been awarded “Most Innovative Technology Company of 2018” by the Department of Science and Technology (India), Government of India. The company claims its RapidX series of batteries are the safest EV batteries in the country, designed to efficiently power electric vehicles in all Indian and other tropical conditions. Built using patented high-power cell technology, RapidX batteries are extremely durable, with the ability to last longer than conventional batteries without losing their efficiency.

Log9’s ZappUp series batteries are for applications like Microgrids, UPS, Data-centres, Telecoms, Grid-level energy storages, and industrial applications like Forklifts, Robotics. 9 in the name of Log9 has meaning offering batteries that can be charged 9x faster, last 9x longer, and offer 9x higher performance and safety. The company is also working to commercial availed ultracapacitor, aluminum fuel cell (AFC). It also manufactures a battery management system which is called Charvik by the company.

Recent Activities:

  • Log9 Materials has launched its first Li-ion battery manufacturing plant at Jakkur, Bengaluru. The plant has an initial production capacity of 50 MWh yearly and Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) and Lithium Titanate Oxide (LTO) cells will be manufactured at this plant.
  • Log9 Materials has got an investment of $40 M (Rs 325 Crore) from Amara Raja, Incred Financial Services, Unity Small Finance Bank, Oxyzo Financial Services, and Western Capital Advisors. This investment will enable the company to achieve manufacturing capabilities to a 2 GWH capacity by the end of 2024.

Exide Industries

Headquarter: Kolkata

For more than seven decades, Exide has reliably manufacturing batteries for automotive, home UPS, Industrial batteries, and Solar energy storage systems. It has nine manufacturing plants located in Haryana, West Bengal, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu. Together, these manufacturing plants produce an annual output of 8 Million Units of Automobile batteries (including batteries for motorcycle applications), and over 600 million Ampere-Hours of Industrial Power.

Exide has its business in more than 50 countries including the UK, USA, and Japan. For the financial year of 2021-22, the net turnover of the company was Rs 12,382 crore and the net operating profit was Rs 1,396 crore. Till now Exide was involved in Lead-acid batteries manufacturing but now the company is switching to manufacturing Li-ion batteries.

In 2018, Exide entered a partnership with Leclanche S.A based in Switzerland for Li-ion battery production and renamed its Gujarat plant Exide Energy Private Limited which has a brand named Nexcharge that offers customized Li-ion batteries and energy solutions for transport and Industrial applications. Exide holds an 84.5% stake in this subsidiary as of 31st March 2022 and has invested Rs 277.3 crore. The plant has a state-of-the-art 1.5 GWh manufacturing facility based on NMC, LTO, and LFP battery chemistry for the cylindrical, pouch, and prismatic battery pack. Nexcharge has its R&D center in Bengaluru.

Recent Activity:

  • Exide to invest Rs 6,000 crore to manufacture Li-ion batteries in Bengaluru. The company has entered into an agreement with SVOLT, a global battery technology company. The manufacturing plant will be spread over 80 acres of land and can manufacture 12 GWh of Li-ion cells.

Loom Solar

Loom Solar is a Solar Panel and Lithium Battery Manufacturing company based in Faridabad, Haryana. Loom Solar was founded by two brothers Amol & Amod Anand in 2018.

The company has installed 50,000+ consumers in 500 cities in India with the help of 3500+ resellers across the country. They are the 1st energy storage company in India that introduced a lithium battery for residential and commercial use. It helps to run Air Conditioners along with other basic appliances. Loom Solar comes with a Lithium Ion battery called CAML which can be used for different purposes.

TVS Lucas

Headquarter: Chennai

TVS Lucas manufactures the electrical components of vehicles and has experience of more than 50 years in manufacturing and designing. 

It has won the Deming application price from the Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers (JUSE). TVS Lucas sells more than 5000 total number of products sold per year in more than 50 countries. TVS Lucas manufactures motors (BLDC & PMSM) and controllers for 2W and 3W. It is now planning to come into manufacturing Li-ion batteries.

Recent Activity:

  • Lucas TVS Ltd. and U.S.-based 24M Technologies Inc. are setting up a ₹2,500-crore factory near Chennai for making semi-solid lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery cells for 10 GWh. It will manufacture cells in pouch and prismatic form.

OLA Electric

Headquarter: Bengaluru

Ola is an electric automobile manufacturing company. It manufactures mainly scooters and may manufacture electric car by 2024. It also provides a charging facility known as Hypercharger across more than 170 cities in India that can charge 50 km of range within 15 minutes. OLA is now planning to manufacture Li-ion batteries for its automotive purposes.


Recent Activity:

  • OLA Electric Technologies to invest Rs 5,114 crore for manufacturing of NMC-based Li-ion cylindrical cells. Ola will begin the mass production of its cell from its upcoming Gigafactory by 2023 and the total capacity of the plant is 20 GWh. And to invest Rs 2,500 crore in its electric car plant.

Okaya Group

Headquarter: New Delhi

Okaya is the flagship brand of Okaya Power Group for the manufacturing of batteries. It has 29 years of excellence in the manufacturing of batteries. Okaya Power Group has a turnover of over 7 billion INR. It is leading in 17 countries and has employed more than 1,500 employees.

Okaya manufactures Tubular battery- Inverter Battery and Solar Battery, E-Rickshaw Battery, Li-ion, and EV charging solutions. It has battery manufacturing plants in Himachal Pradesh. It manufactures NMC/LFP based Li-ion batteries for 2W, battery swapping, E-Rickshaw, and solar applications. The batteries are manufactured in eco-friendly, ISO-certified, and automated plants.

Its Li-ion battery provides more than 2000 cycle life, supports fast charging, and CAN communication protocol. Okaya also manufactures a battery management system (BMS) for its battery pack.

Recent Activity:

  • Okaya won contract at Bharat Heavy Electricals (BHEL) for a 410 kWh Li-ion battery energy storage system.
  • Okaya Power won a World bank contract for installing 1020 EV charging stations across the country.

TDS Lithium-Ion Battery Gujarat Private Limited 

Headquarter: Ahmedabad

TDSG Li-ion battery manufacturing plant in Gujarat which is being set up jointly between TOSHIBA Corporation (has 40% share), DENSO Corporation (10% share) and Suzuki Motor Corporation (50% share) and is established in 2017. This plant will manufacture and supply LTO based-Li-ion battery for Maruti Suzuki and Suzuki Gujarat. And total $180 million is to be invested for this plant. The company claims for its battery for rapid charging, long life and safe operation ability. All these three companies have been working in Japan.

 Recent Activity:

  • TDSG is the 1st Li-Ion Battery Manufacturer Company in the country to receive one of the most well-known & popular Certificates in the Automotive Industry. It has received IATF 16949:2016 certificate.
  • TDSG is the first company to manufacture Li-ion Battery Packs for Hybrid Vehicles.

Munoth Industries Limited (MIL)

Headquarter: Chennai

MIL is Chennai based company that has set up its Li-ion battery manufacturing plant in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. This complete project is to be set up in three phases at a total investment of Rs 799 crores on a sprawling 30-acre campus at the Electronic Manufacturing Cluster (EMC), Tirupati. The total production capacity of this plant is about 1.9 GWh per annum. The first phase for Rs 165 crores and the initial capacity of this phase is 250 MW.

MIL has a technology agreement with China based battery manufacturer Tianjin Lishen Battery and with the Council for Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) which is an undertaking of the Government of India. MIL’s equity shareholders are Apollo Hospitals, Arkay Group (Bangalore), GM Modular Switches, Polaris & Intellect Design, and Shasun Group & Lifecell.

The company aims to produce custom-size 3.7V pouch cells based on OEM requirements with capacities ranging from 260 mAh to 10000 mAh. It can produce 20,000 cells of capacity 10 Ah every day. The first phase is planned to manufacture Li-ion batteries for electronic gadgets like mobiles, laptops, and speakers.  The second and the third phase will manufacture batteries for energy storage and the EV segment mainly be for 2W and 3W which will create about 800 new jobs.

Recent Activities:

  • MIL has a tie-up with Boat which is India’s leading wearable gadget manufacturer to supply Li-ion cells which are going to be manufactured during its first phase of production. And in talks with Amazon, Xiaomi, and others.
  • MIL’s lithium battery manufacturing plant has got incentives from the Centre to get incentives under the Modified Special Incentive Package Scheme (M-SIPS) which provides up to 25% subsidy for investment in capital expenditure.

HBL Power Systems Ltd

Headquarter: Hyderabad

HBL is a listed Indian company and is in business since 1977. HBL is involved in manufacturing of batteries along with its Construction (infrastructure), Defence, Power utilities, and Railway manufacturing units. HBL manufactures NMC and LFP (pouch, prismatic and cylindrical type) Li-ion batteries for energy storage systems which can act as ‘electric gas stations’ for fast charging and to reduce the peak on grid. Its NMC can give more than 1,500-cycle life.

HBL also manufactures battery management system (BMS) for Li-ion batteries. HBL’s BMS features allow a max of 256 cells in series with stacking, active & passive balancing options, an operational range between -40°C to +105°C, thermal management, data logging, and auto-off condition. HBL also manufactures (or provide technologies) electric drivetrain, inverter, and motors. HBL BMS finds application in Telecom, Energy Storage, Medical Equipment, UPS & Data Centers, Marine, Electric Vehicles, Defence, and Fork Lifts. HBL  is also present in Germany, USA, and Canada.

Recent Activity:

  • HBL got order of Rs 85 crores to supply submarine batteries from the Indian navy.


Headquarter: Mumbai

WAAREE ESS is an international level high tech energy storage and a subsidiary of WAAREE group. It manufactures Li-ion batteries for EV segments, telecom, and UPS, energy storage systems. In the EV segment, it manufactures batteries for bikes and e-rickshaw. Its LYNX series Li-ion battery is for EV applications and has 5-10 kW of power. LYNX series is a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery developed for electric vehicles. LYNX series LiFePO4 based battery has extra-long cycle life and has faster recharge rates and large current performance.

Recent Activity:

  • Waaree ESS has inked an agreement with GreenVolt Mobility to supply Li-ion battery.
  • It has supplied more 10,000 units of its Li-ion battery for storage and for telecom applications.

And also Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has signed an MoU with BHEL to manufacture lithium-ion batteries for Electric Vehicle in India. ISRO announced a decision to transfer its lithium-ion cell technology to the Indian industry on a non-exclusive basis for use in automobiles for Rs 1 crore.

Along with these manufacturers, some other Li-ion battery manufacturers are

  • Future Hi-Tech
  • EON Electric
  • Tata Group ( Rs 4,000 Li-ion plant in Dholera, Gujarat and in Europe for LFP & NMC based Li-ion battery for its Jaguar Land Rover)
  • Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Manikaran Power Limited


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